ROBLOX Scripting Tutorial - Cookie Clicker Game -

ROBLOX Scripting Tutorial – Cookie Clicker Game

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How to make a Cookie Clicker game on ROBLOX!
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Uncopylocked Place:


  1. i lost all my progress because my stupid studio crashed -.-

  2. Pro tip: If you're lazy and you download the uncopylocked place you won't learn anything from the video! If you're not lazy and you want to learn then do not download the Uncopylocked place!

    2nd Pro tip: If it doesn't work go to the uncopylocked place

  3. Ohhhhhh and now the video blows up lol I watched this a year ago

  4. —leaderboard

    print("lol leaderboard loaded m80s")"IntValue")

    Enjoy 😉

  5. i have problems with my scripts , can someone send the second script plz ?

  6. everything went right but when I start the game the cookie isnt able to be clicked but when im in roblox studio i can click it and i get more cookies

  7. —leaderboard


    print("lol leaderboard loaded m80s")

    leaderstats ="IntValue")

    leaderstats.Parent = plr

    leaderstats.Name = "leaderstats"

    Oofs ="IntValue", leaderstats)

    Oofs.Name = "Cookies"

    Oofs.Value = 0


  8. When i click cookie i wont get any cookies 🍪

  9. having trouble subtracting cookies during upgrade script

  10. Sorry to break it too you follgum the scripts might be outdated

  11. How to make this game can save the number and everyone can click this cookie

    I am making a game but not cookie

  12. more simple leaderboard

    local cookiecount = game.Players.LocalPlayer.leaderstats.Cookies.Value


    local leader ="Folder",plr)

    leader.Name = "leaderstats"

    local cookies ="IntValue",leader)

    cookies.Name = "Cookies"


    –To access the cookies do;

    cookiecount.Value = cookiecount.Value + 1

    –You can use click events on the cookie too.

  13. For all those people whose cookie machines didn’t work I’ll share some of my cookies with u

  14. how do you make it so you get more cookies per click?

  15. When I upgrade the CPS it does not give me cookies

  16. put in server script service for leaderstats to work


    local stats ="Folder")

    stats.Name = "leaderstats"

    stats.Parent = player

    local strength ="IntValue")

    Cookies.Name = "Cookies"

    Cookies.Value = 0

    Cookies.Parent = stats

  17. Maybe you could make it more beginner friendly by explaining what the script does~ not saying that I'm a beginner but just a suggestion

  18. it doesn't work for me, when i click the cookie it says "leaderstats is not a valid member of ScreenGui".
    how do i fix this? :v

  19. I'm using this for my cookie clicker game!

  20. how do i make an upgrade that increases the amount of cookies you get per click?

  21. hi, can you help me?
    i'm want to make a buttom that increases the icome value when clicked, pls help

  22. can you please tell scripts to me im on the fullest quality and all i see is dots is that – , . please tell me also can you just show it in your best quality ever i hardly see the thing and slow down and i am taking hours looking at one single part 13:10 is my time stamp

  23. How do I make a data store to save all cookies and everything?

  24. Really helpful video it's just that your kinda going really fast, I messed up alot but I blame myself for that, next time go a bit slower

  25. Why doesnt it save tho (btw i love ur vids)

  26. How would you make it work for other leaderstats like instead of cookies fruits

    I know I prob wont get a answer but still a very helpful video

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