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[ROBLOX Live] – Cookie Clicker Game Tutorial

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  1. Hey Eppobot could you accept my friend request because your videos really help!

  2. I can't get more cookies i got them all

  3. A click detector sound (on a brick please)

  4. Yo Eppos I'm building my own place without using Models.
    It's going to be called The leviathan it might be a game. Not sure. I need to learn how to script and make g.u.i's better.
    I may buy a book! My user name is E_iji

  5. can u make how to punch with hotkeys and when u punch theres particle or part brick

  6. Can anyone help me with this? When I made it so I could click a text button it wont give me money. Why?

  7. Can you teach me how to make a saving data,A upgrade thing (EX: Costs:100 When you upgrade it,It gives you the per second Automatically. But just for like 0.1) (Another EX: When you leave the game,It saves your data.)

  8. thx thats the game that i wanted to do


  10. this scripts works only on studio, but not in game

  11. You have a error thats why it teleports you use "Ro – Defender" It removes viruses in Roblox Studio!

    NOTE!: Its a Roblox Plugin!

  12. How do you x 2 the cost per click and have the button text reflect this? Like say i click upg4 which costs 5000 cookies and it – 5000 cookies…how would i make it so each click increases the cost to 10k and -10k cookies and does this per click. The button text would also have to reflect the cost change too idk how to do this.

  13. I do the whole 2 hour video only to find out that there was a link for it for free..

  14. Darn, he didnt show how to make the CPS upgrades

  15. this is my first time ever I maked a correct leaderboard;)

  16. I don’t get cookies on the leaderboard if I click on the cookie

  17. Can you make it so when you click you get points then you can buy more items to click? New Sub! 😀

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