Roblox Clicker Simulators are Scamming You -

Roblox Clicker Simulators are Scamming You

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Roblox Clicker Simulator Games are everywhere. They’re one of the most trendy genres on Roblox in general. But what underlying drama revolves all around them? They’re basically Casinos for Kids.


  1. I only spend robux on nothing. Except last time. BUT COME ON IT WAS CAPYBARA AVATAR BACK WHEN IT WAS 2Robux

  2. the problem with roblox is the payout. roblox developers only earn around 25% of there earning only 30$ from 150$ so that they charge more. The problem is that roblox underpays game devs so they put gambling and other stuff

  3. I’ve been wanting to make a simulator but I just DONT want it be like any other!!! I want fair and acuatl fun simulator but Roblox has turned it to gambling 😢I fear I won’t go big 😢😢

  4. No sh clicking sims are scams that why i only play them without spending robux

    I’ve spent robux on them when i was younger because of how stupid i was

  5. I-can-play-but-some-thing-is-robucks-i-say

  6. Also some of these games ARE IN THE HUNT

  7. Give me jackpot… Come on! GIVE ME JACKPOT! A JACKPOT!!!!

  8. Roblox was my childhood game where it was not a p2w game. But it is no longer the same as before

  9. People are so stupid to click on one of these grindy boring games

  10. Wait ain’t some of these games part of the OFFICIAL roblox egg hunt?

  11. I don’t spend robux on anything and play the games normally and having fun, I never bought robux actually and I don’t want to because the more I buy the more I want, one of the games I played I got in the leaderboard with out spending a single robux, and there are ways to get robux for completely free like donation game, making games is fhe best way to earn robux but you need to be a good maker to be your best way to earn robux.

  12. And I’m here plying hades RNG while watching this. 💀

  13. This just makes me kill myself the fact that in a future there will be kids who will be presidente and grew up playing these fucking chasgrabs maestro me depressed

  14. There is a reason why the only time I played the pull a sword and grinding ur was for free ugc to sell it for a lot


  16. to be fair, not ALL features in simulators are paid, but yeah if you want to get somewhere in a reasonable amount of time you have to spend money.

  17. cookie clicker is an iconic clicker game, and not pay to win. I love it

  18. I honestly wouldn't even be mad if roblox wasn't shutdown, the ammount of trash shit games on the platform that would be deleted would make up for it

  19. There is a feature in Roblox called "premium payout", where the longer a premium player is on Roblox, the robux will be given to the person. In this The hunt event, several simulators they were called to participate, but, knowing there was a profit from this event, they carried out long and time-consuming missions, just to farm robux on top of that. This is the reason I never play simulators and leveling games (for example the famous Blox Fruits), there are so many cool games for you to play for hours, and you waste all that time in a simulator or leveling games, this is a shame about roblox

  20. In my opinion about lifting simulator yea: its gamepasses costs so much but about the transformations theres a limited time to buy them. In fact you can buy them when an event is out, which it appears every halloween and christmas. A little tip i can give you is to save up robux waiting for the event to come out, so you can buy all gamepasses or transformations you can.
    Edit: And yes, i'm a lifting simulator player

  21. Honestly I don’t understand why people mix “short attention span and stupid” with kids that have ADHD. Sure i can definitely agree this stuff is shitty for kids but its not CAUSING adhd, adhd is a medical condition not something you can just gain. I think this perception of adhd is harmful for the kids suffering with it. Heck, me as a neurodivergent kid never fell for these things since it seemed so obvious to me and I mostly enjoyed long form puzzle content (like ted ed and other things i could get information from since I learned English on YouTube) instead of high noise and saturation. And i can speak for most people with adhd that fast, noisy, and loud things arent what captivate us. Its just overwhelming.

  22. I have to agree that pay to win is bad. it's just like "give us money and we will make you overpowered."

    But not all pay to win items are worth it as sometimes the pay to win items is for that section you brought it in like world 1 and ones you get to world 2 it gets completely overshadowed.

  23. Surprised he didint say anything about pet simulator games

  24. We criticize them, we bully them, leave bad reviews, but answer my questions,¿Would you make a shitty game like this in exchange of becoming a millionaire and having everything you once dreamed for?

  25. Oh yea price of item for 11999 ROBUX? Better look up for Arm Wrestle Simulator when the most cost one pet is 12999 Robux AND right now it's 25% discount i played this game once and for the best pet at that time was for 25k ROBUX it's easy to search that the price are some unfunny joke tbh

  26. It's sad that most roblox games nowadays are cash grab simulator without creativity like bee swarm

  27. Man im actually worried for this generations kids

  28. 0:28 simple fix: stop the decreasing attention span of children so these games can go bankrupt and learn their lesson

  29. Bro your the goat,you helped me before I was going to get scammed,ty❤

  30. i spent 1.5k dollars as a kid and got nothing in a game💀

  31. 2 clicker games was also in hunt first Edition

  32. Is It Just Me Or Does This Guy Sound Like BemmyBlox?

  33. adhd isnt something you get from video games, ipads and video games make adhd worsen and makes it more visible, diagnoses doesnt mean how many people do have the disorder, it means how many people discovered they had a disorder

  34. How didn’t know Bemmy blox had a second channel

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