ROBLOX | Clicker Game Tutorial -

ROBLOX | Clicker Game Tutorial

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Simple tutorial on how to make a clicker game in roblox.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, mate! Really appreciate it.

  2. This is really confusing to me since this is my first time trying to create something.. :/

  3. Can you please make a part 2?
    An upgrade button would be nice!

    i dont know about you but it took me so long just to find a recent one thank you so much

  5. the curret identity cannot class security check(lack permision 5) AND serverscript service.script:2:invaild argument#2 to'new'(instance expected, got function) HELP ME

  6. Can you do a tutorial by clicking any key like spacebar or enter?I would really appreciate it if you would 🙂

  7. It says ServerScriptService.Events3: attempt to index nil with 'click'

  8. why not working??????????? I WASTED MY TIME AGAIN

  9. why dont u make a copy and paste of the script !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I spend hours trying to find one that works and I finally found one

  11. the leaderboard does not work for me can you help me

  12. how can i get this to save the money cuz it wont save
    after rejoining

  13. Bruh, Im so dumb. Why cant i get it to work 🙁

  14. Damn you wasted 1hr and 30Min of my time hope your happy

    (Also if you want to try to help the leaderboard wont show or work)

  15. hey, could you copy the code and put it in the comments?

  16. uhhhh u know when u did 0 — Starter cash how did u make the starter cash like transparent

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