Revisiting Cookie Clicker (and other clicker games) -

Revisiting Cookie Clicker (and other clicker games)

luke gleason
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I revisit Kittens Game and Cookie Clicker which were Clicker Games (incremental games)from my past, and wonder why I was addicted to them.
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About five years ago was when a lot of us were stuck clicking cookies. Whether that be on the phone or on the computer, we all wanted that number to go. Even if it wasn’t Cookie Clicker, arguable the game truly set the “Clicker Games” into mainstream popularity, you’ve probably heard or played a game similar in premise: You start off by clicking, then buying things which automatically produce what you were clicking, then you continue to step 2. For most games of the “clicker” type, also known as “Incremental Games,” there is no real end. While people who have never played the game might call it stupid in concept, it is addicting. There’s something about the process of progressing that captures the human mind, and Incremental Games captures this phenomenon in plain sight. To help explain this, I’ll go through the history of Clicker Games in my point-of-view.

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