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PowerShell Selenium Tutorial #3 – Automating Cookie Clicker Game

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This PowerShell selenium tutorial goes over how to automate the cookie clicker game and shows how to select nested elements inside of a web page and implement logic into your automation scripts with selenium

Cookie Clicker Game:

My PowerShell tutorials :

Selenium Web Driver :
Google Chrome Web Driver:

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  1. Hello, The series is great.. Thank you so much. I have a scenario where I get a pop up which is asking to click cancel. But i am not able to inspect it. How to handle this.. It's a Citrix workspace popup. Thanks

  2. Hi, This was very good since we can just quickly set this up with PS. Do you have an example of manually getting cookies and adding to the browser?

  3. Exceptionally interesting, you deserve more views.

  4. if the selenium webdriver script for firefox is in remote machine, can we like execute the script remotely through ansible or using powershell remoting.. ? is that possible?

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