Playing Cookie Clicker Knockoffs! -

Playing Cookie Clicker Knockoffs!

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Cookie Clickers, Cookie Collector, Cookies Inc, so many damn cookie games!

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  1. I probably have no place
    I haven’t played the original
    (Pause for hate replies)
    I think the original mobile ones are good

  2. The first 2 games are the ones I played and got some reason I was obsessed with both

  3. “You just got 7 dollars for free, I guess?”

  4. someone know where i can safe my points? i want to play on my new handy

  5. God cookie inc was so different back then…

  6. imagine saying cookie clicker is bad, and comparing it to a mobile knock off

  7. It’s not a knockoff that’s the moble versions 😂

  8. Can someone please use my refer code? I'll use yours too! Refer code: YZZ9SK

  9. Color Inc is not a knockoff it’s a inspiration from an idea it uses cookies as the currency but all because it uses cookies as currency doesn’t mean you should call it a knockoff it’s called an inspiration

  10. Only 2007 kids get the these cc version. Also bitcoin billionaire

  11. Cookie collecter 2 is actually a really fun game you should try it!

  12. Cookie clicker is way better than this also why buy the app you can play the pc version on mobile by searching the internet

  13. And cookie clicker is better than any of these

  14. No cookie inc sucks just play the real game on the internet on mobile

  15. Cookie inc is better than cookie clicker for me

  16. But in the official mobile cookie clicker doesn't show you the grandma

  17. this is cookie clicker but on phone you realize that?

  18. I thought cookie clickers was the real game but I just grew up with it

  19. huuhh huuh im reeaally woorend its 20215 and robots are after me pls heOK BOOMER

  20. oh oh the OK BOOMER VIRUS HAs speard and its 3032 robot humans are oh OOOOHH NO OK BOOMERS ARE HEHE OK BOOMER OK BOOMER RUN RUN OK boomer

  21. my body…. has ben currupted and my beath is low oh oh…… OOOOKKKKK BBBOOOMMERRRR ahh myfvfvfvvgvffcdzsxdcf boyd body befor i die pls get ,my tape to fide my lab AND SAVE ALL OOOJHHHHHHHH OH NOOOOO………. OKKKK BOOOMEERRRR

  22. uhhh NO ITSB NOT THE END in alive but not for long……. #pls help me

  23. Why on the cookies inc game he knows the future lol

  24. In the real cookie clicker I make 947 duodecillion
    Also on tablet I tap 23 times per second

  25. Oritel predicted this very video
    "News: an obesity epidemic strikes town"

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