Plantera Gameplay #1 - Farming Clicker Game?!?! -

Plantera Gameplay #1 – Farming Clicker Game?!?!

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  1. Where can i find this game again ? It disappeared from android

  2. Plantera. A jungle boss on hardmode in terraria 😂

  3. Thx for playing my favorite game Lazee will you play Pickcrafter? it is free on steam and its a pretty good clicker/idle game

  4. Ravens eat from giant tree's(not sure about things like blueberry's)and both a wolf and some sort of bear eats animals

  5. I'm fine just the plantera is hopfully not going invade keep playing

  6. I got the game on Android so I can play along

  7. I vote for a couple more episodes at least to get more off the vibe 🙂

  8. Do more!!! (it was worth subscribing and turning on notifications. If you haven't you really should!!!)

  9. Jesus our savior is coming get ready people

  10. do I need to fight 3 robots before I play this game

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