Phone Auto Clicker / Finger Tap for Game Apps, Casino Slot Apps on iPhones & Android Phones -

Phone Auto Clicker / Finger Tap for Game Apps, Casino Slot Apps on iPhones & Android Phones

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Here is a quick review on this auto clicker (phone screen tapper) for iPhones and Android Phones by Songcheer: . It’s basically a finger tap and you can use this to LIKE Ticktok, IG videos, casino slot apps, games apps etc. Note that it says the slowest click is a click every second the the fastest is like 59 or so clicks a seconds with three speeds. I hope this helps.

SONGCHEER Auto Clicker for Phone, Automatic Phone Screen Tapper, Simulated Finger Clicking USB Simulator for Gaming, Shopping, Giving a Like in Tiktok, Lightning Deal, Live Broadcasts, Reward Tasks:

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  1. Question: What happens if you connect the finger tap device directly to a USB-C power source without using the white controller box? Does it click on when plugged and click off when unplugged? (BTW, that's what I need, I've go my own controller).

  2. Он жмёт всё время в один и те же пиксели на экране ? можно ли добавить случайность и погрешность в нажатии ?

  3. Out of context: What do you think of Apple Vision Pro?

  4. There are many softwares out there, and Macros Recorder for pc. The only Pros about this is Doing some Unethical Work and don't want the software to be detected. so Hardware Comes in 😉

  5. Insane addiction to be buying this

  6. Hey I need some help. Reset my Hisense TV, but did not receive any prompts to enter PIN, preferred language etc. When I turn the TV on, the Hisense logo comes on, then the TV turns off. I have unplugged, turned off etc., and nothing works. I only tried to factory reset because the TV was connected to WIFI, but not to the internet. Now I can't even turn the damn thing on for set up! HELP! I bought it in 2021. Thanks.

  7. Man I’m going to use this for bitcoin billionaire and arm wrestle simulator on Roblox

  8. From where we can buy it or your WhatsApp number ❓❓

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