Petroleum Tycoon Clicker Game Android Gameplay (HD) -

Petroleum Tycoon Clicker Game Android Gameplay (HD)

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Petroleum Tycoon Android Gameplay (HD) Petroleum Tycoon Android Gameplay (HD)

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The story begins in your yard. you find an oil field.
You have to develop, buy new equipment, build buildings, and to hire security staff to negotiate with competitors to master the skill of trading on the stock exchange, to buy new of possession and much more.
And all for the sake of oil and world domination! Become rich with this game!
The release version of the game contains 6 locations, each of which you have to build from scratch:
house, desert, sea, seized the territory, space, market.
Look at how your position in the world ranking.
Pump the oil! Build your empire! Prove to everyone that you are the best!
Oil is black gold of our planet. Now it’s time for the oil fever.
Explore, download, get richer!


  1. I hecking loved this can do better than that 😉

  2. omg.. what a horrible game.. nice little UI sounds though

  3. 50 pounds you jerks out there in the oil accumulation goin home , I learned when I started to play more but you Rookies

  4. 9 ads in a 12 minute video now that's how you know you've hit rock bottom

  5. Anyone know what the yellow bar bellow Oil Pump is for? It gradually increases as you pump the pumper.

  6. HD Gameplay ???🤔🤔🤔😑😑😑😶😶😌😴😓😒😕😤😬😷

  7. I almost reached max level unlocked all almost only moon and mountain left

  8. I have a question I don't know what to do next because you can only have so much oil eventually I have reached the max amount of oil it won't let me have anymore oil

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