PASS CLICKER - Balls & Cubes (ASMR Idle Clicker Games) -

PASS CLICKER – Balls & Cubes (ASMR Idle Clicker Games)

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Looking for the ultimate idle game experience? Check out Pass Clicker from Virtual Projects Oyun Yazilim Ve Teknoloji, available now on the Android Gameplay Trillion (AGPT) Channel! This addictive physics and math idle clicker game features ASMR gameplay, challenging number-clicking mechanics, and endless hours of entertainment. Reach the max level and click x9999 to unlock many exciting themes of cubes in this balls & cubes game. If you’re a fan of clicker games and Android idle games, Pass Clicker is a must-play!

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Click, click, click!

Our newest game Pass Clicker is all about clicking and breaking cubes!

You can add balls, upgrade them and fasten your process.
Do not forget that as you progress, it will be harder to pass levels.

Download now and see what it takes to beat your score!

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