Obliterating The Earth To Earn $9,820,489,799,123,548,781,358,146,977,468,348,963,411 Per Second - androidgamestore.net

Obliterating The Earth To Earn $9,820,489,799,123,548,781,358,146,977,468,348,963,411 Per Second

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Killing the planet this much for profit might not be worth it for everyone else but for me, it was the easiest choice ever. Being able to make this much off of pure destruction is always a lot of fun. This game was fun to play and I didn’t unlock everything in it so I guess I have to come back and cause more havoc. Indulge your nostalgia: dive into wolf3d online games library.

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Game: Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker –

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  1. hi.


    df is cool

    the end. that’s all.

  2. I almost get to the last world there but i want to prestige/Rebirth/ my current is 67x and now if i prestige i get 225x prestige my rank is 2354#

  3. I feel like DF was watching LOTR while making this vid

  4. The missile know where it is at all times it knows this because it knows where it isn't by subtracting where it is from where it isn't or where it isn't from where it is whichever is greater it obtains a deviation the guidance system uses deviatios to create commands do drive the missile from a position where it is to a position where it isn't then arriving and a position it wasn't is now where it is

  5. german beer has everything to do with space

  6. Great video man and planet evolution is such a awesome idle game :]

  7. N8 watching 10 hours of df sipping coffee as he watches his auto clicker

  8. idk if you know who this is, but you sound exactly like another youtuber named shinmentakezo

  9. he cleverly skipped over the holy shit

  10. I am honestly surprised that when I played this game several months ago I actually got way farther than you, I thought you'd surpass me but oh well I did spend a lot of time on it

  11. If all that was human paper money earth would become Just money

  12. 9,820,489,799,123,548,781,358,146,977,468,348,963,411 = nine duodecillion eight hundred twenty undecillion four hundred eighty-nine decillion seven hundred ninety-nine nonillion one hundred twenty-three octillion five hundred forty-eight septillion seven hundred eighty-one sextillion three hundred fifty-eight quintillion one hundred forty-six quadrillion nine hundred seventy-seven trillion four hundred sixty-eight billion three hundred forty-eight million nine hundred sixty-three thousand four hundred eleven in words

  13. 0:32 I was not expecting him to use a touhou sound effect

  14. 0:32 I was not expecting him to use a touhou sound effect

  15. I bet he just spend random numbers and adds commas after every 3 numbers and calls it a day

  16. 9 doudecillion (9.87x10e39), that's crazy!


  18. My life routine:
    1:brush my teeth
    3:watch DF until 12am
    4:go to bed
    5:wake up and watch more DF

  19. my homepage vefore withing him was just anime and others but now its just vitamin delicous and dangerously funny

  20. Can I get this on mobile and what’s it called?

  21. I did more energy than you lol🤣.I’m in the ao’s and aq’s!

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