My New Favorite Idle Farming Game -

My New Favorite Idle Farming Game

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Program and optimize a drone to automate a farm and watch it do the work for you. Collect resources to unlock better technology and become the most efficient farmer in the world. Improve your problem solving and coding skills.

Check out The Farmer was Replaced here:

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  1. Would love to see one more episode of this!

  2. Looks fun, I love how it slowly gets more complicated as you play.

  3. Why does this remind me of scribblenauts

  4. Super cool idea, would love to see another video or two

  5. I am going to use this to teach my computer science class coding

  6. this game slaps and you are very brave for coding on camera like this o7

  7. Rusty feels betrayed by that title immediatly

  8. this game is so much bigger than what he has shown. also there are some challanges that are really hard if you don't know how to write algorithm yet.

  9. "i do this as my dayjob" automates the game the least amount possible "we should make different panels for each thing" no.. just.. you should automate making all of the plants which yk.. would make it an idle game xD

  10. I love functional programming

    pass function names to other functions as parameters and watch the crazy unfold

  11. Its so realistic. 15 blocks of code open at the same time, music and tutorials blairing in your ears, reading documentation religiously.

  12. My head hurts 😢😢😢.

    Why are you complicating yourself so much? I mean you said you program to live, but… 😅😅😅😅

  13. Well the game can be as idle as you make it haha.
    I havent play the game but you can plant in infinite loops, so that is not a real problem in here.
    Then plant each line or row one of the items, and pretty sure you had a function to get status of plants so you can do loops of 1 until the others are ready

  14. this is so wierd , I am learning but it feels like I am not… wtf

  15. This is brilliant, I used to learn Java, and although I never got too far, I still love the process of writing functions

  16. Ohh that coding hurts 🤣 Stop using do a flip all the time 🤣

  17. it was just slightly infuriating how you harvested the wheat twice at one time totally cutting into efficieny but good vid.

  18. I love this. I might get this game as I want to go into game developing, and learning python while playing an 'idle' game seems like so much fun! the amount of little things I'd have open though omg it's gonna be chaotic

  19. Where is the crossword? You forgot the crossword!

  20. What the frick
    Makes me feel inadequate made me lmfao like it’s the wildest statement I’ve ever heard.

  21. The gamers yearn for Zachtronics programming-esque games

  22. I think it should do a flip at 0:0 y'know, just because.

  23. Oh man that game looks fun, I look forward to seeing more of this!

  24. holy good lord, a dev that actually wants to help the next generation of coders get started! Thats a cause I can ABSOLUTELY get behind

  25. this hurts. Leverage the fact it has passive failure on tasks. No need to check if can harvest. Just harvest then plant. there are soo many more optimizations.

  26. This video helped me remember the trial and error of coding

  27. 27:57 could you fix it by changing the else: move(south) to a else: move(east)? It would keep the exact same scan almost like a crt refresh rate.

  28. Your last bit of code doesnt need the last move south when in bush mode.

  29. You know I bought it today, played a little…but I got mad writing "East" or "West"
    so I've set variables like "Up = North" at the start of a command window
    so whenever I write "move(up)" it goes North

  30. This feels very first episode so much talking not much programing. 15 minutes of no new code. Form 12:00 to 27:00 😅 alot of trolling for a "programer"

  31. i never thought i’d be so invested in a game where the gameplay is dictated by coding. great video as always, my gaming youtuber goat

  32. I had to have this game after seeing this video.

  33. this is amazing, i want more like this

  34. I bought it ^^ (even though I hate python with a passion)

  35. Thanks for the video….just bought the game i love idle games….farming…drones…and python….so combining them is masterpiece. Never would of found this

  36. watching this as a devloper is a torture for me.

  37. Is it good documentation simulator? It's so much easier to understand than most of oss

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