Muscle Clicker: Gym Game #1 -

Muscle Clicker: Gym Game #1

Barsuk studio
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Muscle clicker: Gym game is an easy-to-learn clicker game.
   Tap the screen, lift the dumbbells and rotate the pedal the exercise bikes. For this you will receive money and experience.
With a new level, muscles will increase slightly and you will receive status points that can be spent on increasing the strength of arms and legs and on increasing endurance.
   Earn money and buy new dumbbells, exercise bikes and stimulators in the store. Working with new dumbbells and exercise bikes you will get more experience and money. Stimulants affect the restoration of endurance, the strength of the arms and legs.
   Muscle clicker: Gym game is made in unique 2D graphics with beautiful character animation.
Try to train. Have fun playing 🙂

This video uses these sounds from freesound:
Vintage Elecro pop loop by frankum
Drinking and swallow by dersuperanton


  1. Hey barsuk studio can you put cloths ripping in muscle clicker gym game for a future update

  2. It's been a year and I still don't know the track name

  3. This tune bangs… Anyone know the song name?

  4. Дмитрий Попандопуло says:

    Можешь скинуть ссылку на эу песню я пишу она не выходит

  5. I not buy status points In muscle clicker gym game please help me how to buy please make a video

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