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Money Tree – Free Clicker Game – Android Gameplay

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Money Tree – Free Clicker Game Android Gameplay HD [Full HD]
Description: And who said money doesn’t grow on trees? Start small and grow rich by taking care of your own mythical MONEY TREE — one aberration of nature that you are totally cool about. Hire gardeners, invest in equipment, fertilizers and power-ups to cultivate your little monster and finally become a TREELLIONAIRE!
Hire GARDENERS to watch after your money tree and help you collect all that sweet dough. Bring in kids, llamas and even the president to help you out. Find out who else!
Purchase new EQUIPMENT to increase your revenue and POWER-UPS to speed things up! Hoses, sprinklers, fire trucks, lucky pants and charms, alien generators and much more. Everything counts!
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  1. itz Zman you can start out you have money at the start so get the first thing that gives you money per tap

  2. Un money tree what do you have to get so you. An get paid

  3. How I can cash out from money tree .I have 108.7Mi.plz tell me

  4. How to cash out money please help me

  5. I'm in the Millions does anybody know how to cash out

  6. Hi ! Who helps me? How to get the money? Where do I have to go in order to send the money? Thank you !

  7. টাকা কী করে তুলবো

  8. ohhh bro we unable to cashout from this app

  9. money tree game so pass jade nikale

  10. Dont waste time playing this stupid game..there is no withdraw option..🤨🤨👎👎

  11. Subscribe to get subscribe back

  12. How did it grow so fast I have 2 tril and I still can’t make. Grow fast

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