Clicker Game Tutorial 1/2 - Clicker Game Tutorial 1/2

Professional Newbie 😀
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Hello guys! This Video shows you how to use keybinding to teleport units ! Remember like , subscribe and join my discord server!
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No BGM because I am too lazy to add :3


  1. i tried so much tutorials and my clicker wont work and this didnt work either

  2. 2 days ago, 42nd view, you're better off doing scratch turorials. Modd io is worthless.

  3. Play karmafighter:p but i thinks modd rip now i cant join anygame 🤣

  4. Hola todo yos soy es nicolas_0yQy ir 😎 es music

  5. when i click the item it does not give points

  6. I have a problem it wont save your points when you leave

  7. i have a problem when i spawn in my game the unit player isnt in the game

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