Moba Idle Legend: eSports Tycoon Clicker Game - Android Gameplay FHD -

Moba Idle Legend: eSports Tycoon Clicker Game – Android Gameplay FHD

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Moba Idle Legend eSports Tycoon Clicker Game by Tapps Games
Being addicted to MOBA games can turn you into an eSports legend!
Buff up and dive headfirst into an adventure that will take you to the top of pro-gaming rankings! Train hard, gank your rivals and win every match to become a famous, billionaire e-athlete!
Don’t be afraid to jump into battle with the big fish and hone your growing skills – the way to gaming awesomeness is long and dotted with hilarious defeats, but that’s how you get stronger!
And when you become a champion with tycoon-level earnings from playing games, it will all be worth it.
🎮LIVE the life of a pro-gamer and dive into the exciting world of eSports! Attend events, invest in an ever growing armory of gaming gear, train hard and win every match!
🎮LEVEL UP by performing various actions and earning experience points! Tap the screen like an idle clicker pro-gamer and watch the explosive progression of your eSports career!
🎮GO from the base bronze tier leagues all the way to the shining Platinum rank and make your rivals feel ridiculous before your awesomeness!
🎮POWER UP your gaming performance with a legendary armory of items that will give you an edge over your rivals!
🎮INTERACT with comments from your growing fanbase as they get hooked to your MOBA exploits and relish your victories! Let them lol at your enemies and boost your morale!
It doesn’t matter if you prefer to overwatch tanks with support fire or you’re a frontline aggro giver – if your MOBA skills are sharpened up, you can be a champion by playing anyway you like!
And when you start making your first eSport bucks, don’t forget to invest in some seriously awesome pro-gaming gear to help you train at the level of the top players in the scene!
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