MINE CLICKER: IDLE BLOCKCS - New Play-2-Earn game from the Capital Whale project // GAME REVIEW🔥 - androidgamestore.net

MINE CLICKER: IDLE BLOCKCS – New Play-2-Earn game from the Capital Whale project // GAME REVIEW🔥

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✨ Mine Clicker: Idle Blocks is one of the best free games for every pixel games fan.

Start your epic mining adventure right now – click, tap and create!
Open crates and unpack the most valuable items and ingots in this brand new addictive clicker game.

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  1. This is a genre of strategy, as I understand it, a good idea, and the implementation is worth it, a cool game😉😉😉

  2. I played your game and to be honest, I won’t exaggerate, the earnings are not very big, but it’s quite easy and you can earn money, thanks for playing

  3. It is really promising project play and earn what must be better for us for money makers i think i will join, thanks for interesting review.

  4. Спасибо за кликер, я его долго искал и вы мне очень помогли, огромное спасибо

  5. Game good job very much nice 👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂

  6. The clicker helped me a lot and was useful, I'm glad I found your channel

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  9. It's a new vision for world of games. so unbelievable

  10. Екатерина Бурвикова says:

    This project is looks so innovative and impactful. Great project. Thanks for the detailed review

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  12. Thank you for the video, deserves a like and a subscription, thanks again, the video was useful to me

  13. This project is looks so innovative and impactful. Great project. Thanks for the detailed review

  14. That girl knows a lot about the project. She makes me feel nice about invest my money in there 😀

  15. The execution of such a project, in my opinion, is quite important. It is simple to get lost in platforms, so it is wonderful that there is a channel that informs the consumer in a clear, understandable manner.

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  18. I watched the video until the end and it was very interesting and helpful, thank you very much

  19. I think offer the same things from another P2E games. I just wanna have fun and win some money. Thanx 🙃

  20. Екатерина Бурвикова says:

    It's enjoyable to observe the development of an original project.

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  24. It looks interesting because it doesn't have much to do and enough to win. I'll try. 🙂

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  26. The description of Mine Clicker: Idle Tap Game
    Mine Clicker Inc. is the best incremental game (clicker) you have ever played! Go on an adventure to build your huge mine and earn millions and billions of gold ore by building your tycoon business!

  27. Not a bad game. It will be very interesting for fans of games of this genre. To be honest, I myself became interested in this game. Game strategies always and still attract the attention of the consumer. Thanks for the amazing video review.

  28. I think, it is a very perspective project. I want to try it

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