Making The Most SATISFYING Clicker Game! -

Making The Most SATISFYING Clicker Game!

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In this video, I am “Making The Most SATISFYING Clicker Game!”

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Check out @Justin Hughes who made the song for the game.

0:00 – Intro
0:44 – Setup
1:56 – Core
3:00 – UI
4:00 – Iron Mine
4:48 – Furnace
5:17 – Forge (Kinda)
5:31 – Forge (Actually)
6:17 – Updates

-Deltarune – Rune Buster.
-Adhesive Wombat: @AdhesiveWombat
-Louie Zong: @Louie Zong
-Justin Hughes @Justin Hughes

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Making a game that is satisfying is quite difficult if you aren’t a satisfaction god. Minecraft is a game that is satisfying. Clicker games are satisfying and therefore I feel satisfied when playing. You can learn to make games that are satisfying with unity and become a game developer.


  1. Using "just" the unity game engine.
    Uses blender & VS code.

  2. Congratulations on 5000 subscribers! The game looks neat, especially that pickaxe animation. The weight of it smashing against the rock of really perfecto.

  3. It's actuall satisfying to sit an play this game…not bad 😀

  4. Where's the link for the game? I'm too much of a sucker for clicker games not to play it

  5. my dog has cancer so here is my channel :bruh funny

  6. use me as a “i’ve been here before 100k subs”

  7. This is incredible. I love factory games and honestly I think this is the perfect example of how a clicker game and a factory game can be combined!

  8. With this quality I thought you had 100k subs

  9. But where is the download link tot the game?

  10. Can you make some more videos about programming in c++?

  11. How can I get started on programming 3D games on unity? I have wanted to make games for a long time but don’t know where to start, can anyone help me?

  12. Your account is gonna get big if you keep up such high standards. I'm amazed!

  13. If this was a rick roll I would’ve threw my laptop of my balcony

  14. Please can you make video about coding in DEV c++. I have project in school.

  15. I saw the poll, I saw the link and I'm here. Totally worth it

  16. yeah I like your plan, maybe you can make more complex challenging games.

  17. Damn bro, the last time I checked your youtube channel was when you had like 850* subs (which was like a few months ago). You've grown so much and learned so much ; keep it up 👍
    *And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the video😎

  18. Can you make an video tutorial making a game in 20 mins , please ?
    I liked all the smoothness in your video and also in your Game🤩😍

    Can I develop games with unity x5 ?
    Because i have 32-bit , 8GB RAM ..
    Please tell me 🥺

  19. just discovered you, amazing videos. Instant sub

  20. please Download link (its sooo SATISFYING)!

  21. I don't get it, this "game" isn't satysfying in any way, shape or form.

  22. How dare you compare factorio to adventure capitalist

    Cool vid btw

  23. Hi, Nice Video !🔥Can you please post the Project on GitHub, because i dont understand how you made the roller conveyor.

  24. dude, iron isn't sticking out of iron ore – iron ore is mix of iron oxides and hydroxides – you don't purify iron from ore – you reduce it from…
    …and you need some reduction agent to make iron from ore – coal maybe?
    …absolutely not realistic game…

  25. you should try and add a little bit more juice to the pick axe, like squash and stretch, and just a real wacky swing!

  26. Reminds me of those Roblox Tycoon games you know?

  27. Achievement Unlocked: Just another Roblox Tycoon game

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