Making a Lemon Clicker Game in 12 Hours! | DevVlog #0 -

Making a Lemon Clicker Game in 12 Hours! | DevVlog #0

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The first video in hopefully a series of videos documenting my progress as an indie unity game developer!
I make a simple clicker game about getting lemon 🙂 page:

Google Drive download link:

0:00 – Have I ever made a good video?
0:22 – Intro
1:16 – Day 1 Development
3:41 – Day 1 Product
3:53 – Day 2 Development
4:09 – The most satisfying moment
5:27 – Working on sounds
6:08 – Conclusion
6:45 – Procrastination


  1. Woahhh! That’s actually incredible, really really well done (and the video was very very well made too!!)

  2. The DevVlog pilot was so well received that I've already begun work on a huge content update for the game just 12 hours after releasing this video! Make sure that you stay for the update which I hope to release within the next few days 🙂

    Update: I've worked at least 10 hours on the new update so far and I think I might be almost halfway to finishing… oh my

  3. This is pretty good for your first video! Cool game!
    (it was just a little quiet though)

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