Make a Thing | Building an idle/clicker game | Part One -

Make a Thing | Building an idle/clicker game | Part One

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Welcome to another episode of Twitch Abridged, the condensed versions of our #DevDay livestreams!

This stream was the first of our ‘Make a Thing’ streams where we look at building a specific thing in Construct 3. This time around, we chose to look at idle or clicker style games you may find on mobile.

Join us as we put together a basic version of a clicker game!

Want to watch the full streams? We’re live every Tuesday from 1.30-3.30pm UK Time over on Twitch.


  1. I have a question. So basically i made so when the currency is on 300 its visible but its always visible

  2. 16:24 reads link to the other tutorial would be in the description, but it's not! Am I missing something?

  3. Around 27:20, the global variable FirstLoad initial value is FALSE meaning the game will load from "mysave" anyway. Yes, the 10' interval auto save worked, but the dict data wasn't loaded. Fix: have the FirstLoad initial value to TRUE

  4. I appreciate this video even with some information added in during transitions. It gave me time to figure out if I could fix the issues and that's one way I learn this stuff. I'm really hoping the second video has a way of collecting currency when the game is closed, not just when it's suspended.

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