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Let’s Play Star Tap: Space Travel Idle Clicker Game!

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  1. Alright so i know I'm super late coming back to this video that's 8 months old but I just found it looking around for videos about this game. This has got to be my favorite game of all time, even though it's so incredibly simple. You might recognize me if you still play this game at all. I'm the 7th on the leaderboard, GuardNumber1, with the first 224 score on the list. I don't know how people managed to get any higher numbers, considering there are only 224 milestones, so not to brag, but as far as I can tell I have the highest legitimate score in the world and i got to Sextans B before anyone else :)But what I came to say is that it makes me really happy to see other people playing and enjoying this game, even though it was 9 months ago. As of now, we haven't had an update in 5 months, or even news of an upcoming one, leaving me to fear that the game may be dead. Still though, I enjoy playing it through over and over again to this day, and finding other people who play it.Also, you mentioned if you didn't know how much strategy there really is to the game, and if how the starsoul mode seemed vastly superior to the other modes, I thought so as well when I first started, and you and I were half right. It is vastly better than resource mode in pretty much every way. The only good thing about resource mode is reducing the number of times you need to fill the starsoul gauge to get a gem, so putting a few drones into resource mode and the rest into starsoul is the best setup for farming gems, maybe 5-10 resource and the rest in starsoul.Thruster mode is where things get interesting. Thruster is actually quite good. What it does is it increases the power of your taps to accelerate more, and gives the chance of critical boosts, which will accelerate by the base amount but boosted by a multiplier which can be increased by putting more drones into thruster, and through a few exotic matter upgrades. Thruster is very good for early game run throughs, and all the acceleration you can get out of it can put the constellations and even the galaxies into range of being reached in a some hours, or a few days. It is in my opinion a bit better than starsoul, and the best option for early run throughs, and even end game runs use thruster to farm exotic matter to get to the end as quickly as possible.There's is some more strategy involved in reseting abilities at milestones and whatnot, but I just wanted to drop by and say that even if you don't play this game anymore, it's still nice to see it being played at all πŸ™‚

  2. Hello taptap would you like to try adcap???

  3. I think they should make a tapping game with animals or freshwater fish.

  4. Hey Sir TapTap, do you think you can do a video on "Papers, Please"?

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