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Learn PubSub in JavaScript Using PubSub-JS By Making a Clicker Game

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In this video tutorial, we create a clicker game in JavaScript to learn how the Publish & Subscribe pattern works and might help us in the real world. This is useful when we want to decouple our JavaScript logic and have a more modular approach.


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  1. Thanks for the video!
    So this is something like event listeners in Vue.js for example

  2. r u releasing beginner courses also?

  3. Great exemple for the pub/sub pattern, it gave me a concrete understanding of the importance of this pattern in asynchronous programming. thank you

  4. Hello Sir, Just happened to stumble on this tutorial (it actually auto-played after watching another video) and was pleasantly surprised. It’s been many years since I was even interested in WD or looked at JS as anything more than scribbling I wasn’t interested, I was drawn in, able to follow along and actually understand. That’s the mark of great instructor. An instructor could be the smartest person in their field of expertise but if the slowest student in the class can’t understand them, that instructor should probably return to the research lab. I’m the slowest student in this classroom yet you were able to reach me. Even so, I still need to go back to the beginning. I’m impressed and I’m rarely impressed by anyone. Good Job!

  5. I my case as I publish openOverlay event mutiple times, the subscribe call increases that many times.

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