ITS A CRAB WAR!! [iOS + Android Idle Clicker RPG Game] -

ITS A CRAB WAR!! [iOS + Android Idle Clicker RPG Game]

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  1. At 3:34 "oh i got some gold while i was away" down you mean weed instead to gold?

  2. u cheater i'm ecdysis 12 and I bough 0 of my pearls btw ive been 1800m so lol u suk

  3. am i the only one that thought of Steven Universe when the game said "Garnet Amethyst and Carnelian <if youve seen Steven bomb 5)

  4. im stuck at 690m its so hard the health is higher than trillion

  5. wow waste pearls like there is no tomorrow damn, you should only use them when needed most, like when you are actually stuck, and slow on bosses, etc… wait until the 1st or 2nd Ecdysis, then start using pearls, they have more value then, when you reach the 2000m-4000m zones, unless you are going to continue to receive an unlimited supply, then its chilled lol.

  6. "What do you do for a living?"
    "I make crabs fight monsters"
    "I mean, like a job"
    "This is my job"

  7. i have this game and have millions of gold but my tablet broke and back then I had trillion s of gold!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dxemc dc lam tinh thần cát trắng da toàn diện. x rộng lớn hơn ăn uống nước, bon yêu thích hợp. anh ơi! có một ngày nào, hạt giống số chị em phụ trách công việc. anh tóc đỏ và hạnh, hạt tiêu đen xào. anh tóc vàng bốc cháy khi lớp. an

  9. Hack: if you reach a boss you can't beat and need gold, just keep pressing the Fight/leave button until you get the golden reptile worked like magic for me

  10. Ho can you make the ge do everything for youm

  11. this game is crab

    Im so sorry for this bad pun…


  13. O have a joke about ink look I'm so strong me: ink crtebol

  14. a simple and cheap one is idlers and dungeons on android

  15. Hola alguien sabe cómo consegir búsqueda de artefactos 3?

  16. Thank you for your information broh,
    your explanation is very useful

  17. This is my favourite game!I have reached 5976 meters in crab war

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