Is Cookie Clicker On Steam Worth It? -

Is Cookie Clicker On Steam Worth It?

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Are you considering buying cookie clicker on steam? Is is worth buying cookie clicker or should you just play it on internet browser? In this video I answer if you play should buy cookie clicker and what benefits it might have.

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  1. Hey, some steam reviews Say that this game doesn't give offline earnings (i mean, if the game Is closed It doesn't give you any cookies). Is It real?

  2. i got so far through coockie clicker, but i didnt export my save and lost so much progress

  3. I feel like this is pretty much a joke, like the game is still free on browser so whats the point to pay for a game to have features that arent even in the game, but on steam? (also if you guys cannot save your code in a notepad or in an USB drive then you are just stupid). It is one of the dumbest excuses to re release a game i ever seen in my life. And the soundtrack doesnt really count since while is good and it fits the atmosphere of the game really well, i dont think that alone makes $5 worth it and you can pretty much listen it from youtube while playing the game.
    And support the developer? Seriously? The donations werent enough? So this Steam port is just a donation in disguise.
    If it was free, then that would be great, like im not a fan of the game, but then it would make much sense so its more comfortable.
    P.S: this is not an attack to your video btw, just to the tons of fanboys who accept this like it was a great idea.

  4. it is worth buying the game if you have problem with saving with the browser like me

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