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If Minecraft was a CLICKER Game! (PickCrafter)

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It’s Minecraft, but just the mining. And none of the gameplay. JUST CLICK BRO.

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  1. I've played this for a long time and watching this is like: huh

  2. Thanks this is another game i can play beside cookie clicker

  3. I love picrafter i used ro play this like WAAYYYYY back

  4. If This is on ur phone u can tap or shake the Phone like a pick

  5. So I did a bit of clicking of camera

  6. I downloaded this. Its really fun. Really love it too

  7. am i the only person that started beat boxing when the music started

  8. Mattshea: buys diamond pickaxe
    tiktok add plays

  9. When I got then game in like 2018 me and my friends called it a picker game lol

  10. I Feel like GrindCraft is THE best Minecraft Clicker Game.
    I swear to God, if you hate on me

  11. 8:26 OAKay i’m Sorry i had to make that joke bc it was Wood xD

  12. when he says clay

  13. If minecraft was a clicker game

    Me: laughs in grindcraft

    Also me: cries in adobe flash

  14. I playing pickcrafter until 1 years and never bored😀😀

  15. Everybody gangsta until he realizes that the emerald pickaxe is stronger than diamond

  16. What a old game don't say this is a new game because I downloaded it yesterday

  17. If you think about it… Minecraft is a clicker game

  18. try playing pickaxe it in the play store I played it with my brother when I was little

  19. your auto click only available on android

  20. My friend you should play grindcraft if you want a Minecraft clicker game

  21. When I was little I had my grandma's credit card info saved on my tablet (which I didn't know) and every time I clicked purchase on the chest I thought it was a glitch! I ended up spending almost 200 dollars. But I was little and didn't know any better, I was so little that I thought the pick counter going up on it's own was a glitch.

  22. I had this game before and I had to delete because I broke it and I could not play

  23. Ahh yes one of my favorites game as a kid

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