Idle Panzer - New idle clicker game -

Idle Panzer – New idle clicker game

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I’ve tried this new idle clicker game called idle panzer.
it’s a game like cell to singularity where you have to unlock tanks and upgrade them.
there is also a campaign mode.

An idle clicker for history buffs! Research and construct legendary WWII tanks from Panzer I to Tiger I and beyond! Then put them to the test on the battlefield! More tanks coming soon!

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  1. You really have to INCREASE your PRESTIGE POINTS step by step… I'm at x10,30 at main mode and x13,50 at campaign mode.. i need 4 hrs to complete the first 5 tanks and get to lvl 50 campaign… but I'm still FAR FAR AWAY to get the next tank… you will STUCK AF because:It's nearly impossible to go further without increasing prestige.

  2. After completing cells to singularity i know just how much effort and time goes into playing idle clicker games😅 sooo for me..i'll be watching instead of playing this one unfortunately.

  3. You should check out IDLE ISLAND TYCOON! An idle survival game

  4. How to upgrade panzer1 to panzer2 after reaching 40/50 campaign?

  5. How do I buy another tank? Because I have enough money and there is nothing there that I can buy

  6. I has enough Cash to buy Stuart and has Finshed BT-5

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