Idle Kingdom Clicker, android gameplay, game review, tips and tricks and guide -

Idle Kingdom Clicker, android gameplay, game review, tips and tricks and guide

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Idle Kingdom Clicker, android gameplay, game review, tips and tricks, walktrough and guide is a video on android gameplay, for an idle game,with begginer tips and a simple walktrough.

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Idle Kingdom Clicker Google Play Store:
In Idle Kingdom Clicker you will give you the chance to make money by leveling up your players and compete against other teams. This video will be a simple review for Idle Kingdom Clicker.
Idle Kingdom Clicker is an android game, that can be played vertical on you mobile phone.
This video with Idle Kingdom Clicker and gameplay is an android version for the gameplay of the game, so if you enjoy the video give Idle Kingdom Clicker idle game a try.
In Idle Kingdom Clicker, idle Game you have the possibility to watch some adds in order for you to advance much more faster in the game. Also in Idle Kingdom Clicker, you will be able to upgrade your facilities in order to make more money. In Idle Kingdom Clicker you will need to watch some adds, but check put the video with the android gameplay, beginner tips and tricks and see what adds are more profitable.
When you will reach a specific amount of money and level, in Idle Kingdom Clicker, the idle Game you will be able to reset your progress.
Try Idle Kingdom Clicker if you enjoyed games with kingdoms, especially with gold, but also if you like idle games.
Idle Kingdom Clicker video is from my Lets Play Playlist, that you will find on the channel, where you can see lots of idle games for you to try and play on your mobile phone.

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In case the title didn’t make it obvious, this is an Incremental Idle Game 😎. Your kingdom will continue producing resources even when you are not actively playing. Your role as King is to manage everything, devise the strategy and give orders. You can actively speed up production by tapping really really fast on really nice buttons, but you don’t have to!

For your convenience, here is a list of things you can expect:

★ Be The King Of Your Realm!
★ Claim Land And Expand Your Borders!
★ Conquer Shrines To Boost Your Economy And Unlock Features!
★ Plan Ahead And Devise The Optimal Strategy!
★ Construct Buildings!
★ Tap And Craft Resources!
★ Optimize Resource Flow!
★ Offline Idle Production Keeps Crafting Resources While The Game Is Closed!
★ Prestige System Makes Your Economy Stronger With Each Reset!
★ Can be played offline for up to 24h!

Do you have questions or ideas? Then contact us at [email protected]! We’d love to hear from you! We also have a discord server for discussions at , come by and have a chat with the devs!

And most importantly, Enjoy!❤️


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