Idle Hero Clicker Game: Win the epic battle -

Idle Hero Clicker Game: Win the epic battle

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The best idle game of the market has been developed and you must be part of this event! We created the unique idle game of clicker heroes where you will fight in an epic battle against titans for the glory of the world and for saving the Earth. Titans will be your biggest enemies in this idle game so you will have to train your skills to beat them.

The epic battle is very hard and you will need to train your clicker heroes for improving the superpowers. The more titans you beat, the more improvements you will need to win in this idle game. We’re sure that you will not find another idle game like this so please, give us an opportunity and download the best idle game of the market now.

You have a long list of different skills and attacks for your clicker heroes and allies so you will need to gather a lot of gold for getting the best clicker heroes for the epic battle. Be careful because it will seem easy at the beginning but with the time, you will have to do a lot of tap tap for evolving in the idle game of the moment.

The enemies are so different and big but the final titans are the most important because you will pass to the next level when you beat them. Without destroying the final titans, you won’t advance in the idle game and be sure that all the players of this clicker game want to be on the top of our global ranking where the best players will be.

The superpowers can be improved with gold so do tap tap as much as you can in the little titans to improve your heroes for the big titans. Your allies are so important in this idle game and we are so happy to say that you won’t find a better help in this epic battle. Pay them with gold and be a good idle miner to improve the faster you can!

The importance of the epic battle is very important so do tap and become the best tap player of the clicker game of the hero. There will be only a player on the top 1 of this idle game so train hard with your idle hero and save the Earth with your attack. Now you have the possibility of making history in the clicker games so don’t waste your time anymore with other games and start to do tap with us!

Like all idle games, you have to be patient with your idle hero and the titans that they have to destroy. Gather all the gold, improve the superpowers of all the heroes and win this epic game, this epic battle and this epic idle game with your idle hero!

*Destroy more than 90 different titans with your clicker heroes.
*Fight with more than 30 different heroes and 50 types of different superpowers to destroy all the titans in this idle game
*Travel into more than 10 scenarios where this epic battle will be placed and meet your allies for destroying the big titans of the best idle game. You will need that to pass to the next level.
*Graduate your idle hero and create gizmos for using special widgets to get great advantages
*Learn all the superpowers for your idle hero and you will destroy the titans easily. The best idle game has the best superpowers buddy!

If you like the heroes games, this idel game is the best way to enjoy the best idle hero of the play store. You must destroy all the titans and we are completely sure that you will fall in love with all the heroes and superpowers of the idel games. Fit your bandage because your clicker heroes needs you for saving the Earth!

An unbeatable squad of brave heroes are waiting for you and you need to accomplish all the goals to complete this idle game. The idel games are a reality and people are downloading that so fast because they want to be on the top 1 of the idle ranking.

Remember, do tap tap in this clicker game and your clicker heroes will make the difference to win the epic battle! Take your idle hero and win the epic battle now!

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