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I Used an AUTO CLICKER and Became the FASTEST in the WORLD.. (Roblox)

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You guuys ever wanted to become super fast but you’re a bit lazy? ME TOOO.. That’s why in today’s video we’re playing ROBLOX SPEED SIMULATOR and using an auto clicker to see what happens… You guys aren’t gonna believe this one; watch till the end to see what happens!

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My name is Tofuu or Joe and this is my video! I bet you’re incredibly thrilled about finding such an amazing channel, but don’t freak out yet! ^o^ You have to click that subscribe button first! then you may freak out over this insanely amazing content!

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TITLE: I Used an AUTO CLICKER to Become the FASTEST in the WORLD.. (Roblox)


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  13. Isn’t auto clicker cheating and stealing because It’s bringing something not intended to be in the game into it for benefit and because you have it you won’t buy in game currency with robux hence taking money from devs

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