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I Tried Making A GOOD Clicker Game Within 24 HOURS

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In this video I am going to try to make a clicker game within 24 hours, I will start at 1pm and end at 1pm the next day, by then I should have the game finished, and if that’s not the case I failed the challenge.

Download Nature Clicker Here:

I stole this video idea from another small youtuber/game dev called BigToeDev.
Make sure to check out his video:

My discord server:

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  1. i like clicker games more if these are in potrait

  2. You should add tornados 🌪

    This way the buildings would get destroyed and you would have to rebuild

  3. 별거 없는 마인크래프트 채널 says:

    lol youtube thinks this is roblox

  4. you sould make a tutorial this game is very nice

  5. 9:08 who else was annoyed by the fact that he forgot to turn off play on awake on the builds button's particle system?

  6. Highscore based on elapsed time?? So in this way you can put there a bit competitive element 😉

  7. Dude i thought he was making a roblox game this whole time

  8. honestly i would just clik a button

  9. im going to set my auto clicker as fast as it can go 100000 clicks every millisec

  10. 24h? this is how long it takes me to think about what game id make
    24minutea is how quick i give up

  11. really loved the game. I feel like the thing that could make it a lot better though is sound effects and music.

  12. Can you please write what game programing setup are you using? like for drawing textures and drawing the game?

  13. Next: I tried making a mobile clicker game

  14. Deynum: and it shows..
    dyson ad plays

  15. This might be a bad question, but this is the first video I've watched of his, what coding language does he use?

  16. I’d suggest having the game have a bigger difficulty curve, and maybe a trade feature which could give even better upgrades.

  17. opens scratch
    messes around for precisely two hours

  18. What did you use to make the sprites? (I want to make my own game and am figuring out along the way what to get)

  19. Gonna download the game soon! Excited to play looks like a good clicker 🙂

  20. dude you shouldn't have made a time limit for yourself if you put more time into it then this would be the best clicker game only second to cookie clicker

  21. 0:55 what's the name of that software?
    i really need to know since i want to program my own click game too

  22. This looks good for 24 hours, if you were given more time maybe instead of having one building per citizen button you could of maybe had it all as one button, this way when you lvl it, it will be one house per lvl up to x amount of houses then they go up in density slowly per lvl after max amount of small houses by one or two houses. This way it would feel less empty and more like a city since that's kind of the vibe I get from this game.

    The second button could of been like government things like utilities/infrastructure button like lvl 1 utilities being a road then lvl 2 a water tower or something and so on and you need a certain amount of houses to unlock the button, but you also can't expand the city without lvling this up and it being the most expensive button up till offices but it boost shops, industry, and offices by 20% or something after every two lvls.

    The third button could be like shops which is unlocked after lvl 3 citizens and it starts with one shop and goes up to however many shops you limit it to then it goes up in density like citizens. It also can't go up past certain lvls without an x amount of lvls in industry.

    The fourth being industry which could be unlocked after lvl 3 utilities, lvl 5 citizens, and lvl 2 shops. It gives a per second rate like shops and citizens, but it almost boost those two by 10% per lvl and the industry gets bigger then once max factory amount and size are reached then you have them replaced by green industry buildings.

    The fifth being offices after x amount of lvls in all the other buttons where you start getting 10 story buildings, it will be the most dense part of the city, also the most per second and most expensive per lvl button. Maybe have a prestige system like sell your city and start over for special currency for more upgrades that were hidden before. This would really make it feel like you were building up a city and keep people more engaged perhaps after awhile.

    Though that's just my idea on what I would of done if I had the skills for it, maybe you could come back to this and work on it more but it's fine if you don't.

  23. I need help here what is the best way to start making games like clicker games and normal games in general like the coding languages that are used for game making and like the animation and ui elements and stuff i just wanna make games but i dont know how to start learning and where to start..

  24. Dude…This is AWSOME! youNEED to do tutorials on how to code and stuff.
    and again GREAT VIDEO

  25. that profile pic looks very mutch like

    Sam Hogans profile

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