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I Tricked 800,000 People Into Watching Gears Turn

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This game is so satisfying.
It’s interesting seeing developers make a new kind of clicker game experience. Plus I could probably become a watch repairman as my next career.

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  1. when he tried to put three in a triangle in physically and emotionally hurt me

  2. Blud you didn’t trick nobody most people just seen a df vid and clicked😂

  3. I feel scammed, the title says 700k and now it's 750k 🙄

  4. The torque from this first little gear 🤯

  5. Wait for those red and green buttons to reach 100%, they might level up! I wanna see how big a boost it gives when it levels up

  6. Only after watching the whole video did i realize that i fell in his trap and was one of the 700,000 people he tricked into watching gears turn

  7. It's +1m not 700k! We can't trust u T_T

  8. Great video man and that idle game you play looks increadible :]

  9. Look at the title. As I'm writing this comment, there are 775k views

  10. im glad i joined the 800k people to watch the gears. mmmmmm gears

  11. The reason why you can't put gears together like you tried at 1:20 is made obvious at 11:37, watch how the teeth of the gears turn in the closeup, slow the video down if you have to, but, think… What would happen if those two gears were actually touching each other..? Compare that to how the two that ARE touching each other are turning- which you can see better at 11:42.

  12. Seriously? A game about gear and it doesn't even use gear ratios, torque or any of the other stuff that would make an incremental game about gears fun? What are these devs playing at?

  13. Does he change the title? I am watching this at 800k views and the title is “i tricked 800,000 people…”


  15. I love watching this dudes videos no matter how long ago they were made

  16. The fact that this has 800,000 is a crazy prediction

  17. im part of the 11k who didnt get tricked

  18. LOL AND IT GOT 800K VIEWS 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Oh yeah…turn that gear. Make it spin….make it spin hard. o.o;

  20. Request Game:Tap Tap Riding & Tap Tap Master

  21. so are people just not allowed to watch this video anymore once it gets to 899,999 views

  22. You didn’t trick me. I only clicked it to post this comment. Ha!

  23. We all know that BFG stands for Big F***ing Gear

  24. I just got this game today without tutorial i made a bicycle wheel system, going to get clogged bcz the oil will run out so i can build something else with all this money. and that keeps happening every tome i do it, so its just an infinite money glitch, thats why Germany is nicknamed ger”money” here.

  25. change the number in the title to 900000 not 800000

  26. The craziest thing about this is that you paid five dollars to pay this

  27. Who cares if you deceived us? We just want to watch this anyway

  28. Someone please tell me what this game is called

  29. NO YOU DID NOT … oh 😧 okay THATS AWESOME 🤪

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