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I spent the last 5 years finding the best clicker games online

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It’s time we looked back on some fun we had with Clicker games.

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  1. the worst part… i end up learning math xD

  2. these compilations r the best for sleeping

  3. What i find out after watching this video? – "NOMA – Brain Power" still sounds good! =)

  4. Just letting you know, I've always loved your vids!

  5. Ýøů ňəėđ ţœ §əłĺ ţ&ę ğŕæňđ~äק

    i tried

  6. The only problem i have with the compilations, i literly watched every DF video of the past 3 years and some clicker games vids even 10times over. I just know everything already. Like literly everything you do is like YEP i remember..

  7. 52:12 Im pretty sure thats meant to be Octillion making that last character an O not a 0

  8. Hey DF got any advice for a efficient way to farm unique items in Minecraft dungeons? While playing solo

  9. Did you heard about a klickergame named Egg Inc.?🤔

  10. Pls dont milk your really nice channel with this crap! – we all love you but not if you become this "best of" crap that all crap channels do

  11. You should play a game called clicker guardians

  12. DF is the kind of guy who always make people smile

  13. It is my first day watching this and it is hilarious

  14. Did anyone else notice how good he is at math?!?!???

  15. The hour long video I was waiting on ❤ an hour of DF pissing off the AI OVERLORDS

  16. I am LOVING these long videos for having on while I work. I know it's just while you're out on a January YouTube break. Still, thank you for filling the gap in with something!

  17. hey bro this is for you but I think you're getting a little bit lazy with your videos$can you please play some new gamesI did watch the video for an hour and a half

  18. Really wish you'd go back to playing Stardew Valley and other cool games instead of whatever this is

  19. Have a small feeling that this channel was A) bot and no longer run by df anymore hence these hour long reruns
    Or B) df doesn't know what people want from video anymore.

    Both suck and do hope for a time when can go back to seeing 2d farming style games like stardew instead of roblox cringe

    But thats unlikely to ever happen.

  20. You’re a strong guy DF. Even though you’re going through hard times right now, your community supports you no matter what

  21. I tried cookie clicker for the first time last month. Within minutes, it became clear that I needed an autoclicker, so I wrote one real quick then went back to the game. Before half an hour had passed, the game gave me three separate achievements for speedrunning. Feels weird to go in blind and get speedrun achievements on the first try.

  22. Hi. Have you bought Kiwi Klicker from Steam? I want to play it aswell

  23. i have never watched a video this long, youre amazingly entertaining, i also love the change in games once it gets too repetitive.

  24. Im about to cry😭, ive been watching df for so long and seeing him grow really makes me feel good, youre doing such a good job DF!❤

  25. No one's acknowledging this but in the first video with the cookie clicker is the character in the top right corner in the game or is that just DF I've never played Cookie Clicker so I don't know

  26. Love this long form content. Shit makes my day fly by

  27. 1 like on the vid 1 nanosecond of break for his computer

  28. I’m tired did anyone else see Lahey stumble down the stairs?😂

  29. Nothing will ever beat the OG: grandma apocolypse.

  30. One like is one minute of sleep for the kewies

  31. i watched 1 hour and 25 minutes of this while asleep

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