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I Spent Hours Mining Cookies And Regret Nothing in Cookie Clicker

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One click earns one cookie, and that’s how it begins. Then we start buying upgrades like farms and grandmas and they add automatic earning. The more we earn, the more we can upgrade and the more we can earn again. Many clicks later and I manage to be earning almost 1,000,000 cookies per second and things can only get better from here.

Cookie Clicker –

PC Specs – Intel – Core i9-9980XE 3 GHz 18-Core Processor
2xNVIDIA – GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB Founders Edition Video Card (2-Way SLI)
Samsung – 970 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive
Corsair – Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-4000 Memory


  1. fine. name your bakery bob's saysopensesame and access dev tools.

  2. hello i am a developer of cookie clicker and change your name to i sayopensesame and you will dev doing that enjoy the dev!

  3. Man's voice is like when Herbert goes to children, fun and relaxing. Neck thing you know ur on your knees praying for what comes

  4. Press ctrl shift I then go to console then do Game.Earn (999999999999999999999999999)

  5. DF's son: papa i want cookies.
    DF: sure let me get my autoclicker and buy some grandmas.

  6. Omg bruh you can just go on inspect and give yourself 1m cookies and it’s works lmao you don’t need to grind

  7. you should use a sugar lump on the temple

  8. I play cookie clicker never because it tearns you to the darkside

  9. I have over 10,000 Cookies Per Second.

  10. I got to 1 trillion in school just for someone to wipe save me 😭

  11. Df will conquer any clicker game he finds he shows no mercy

  12. Get the mouse with "fire" button on it if you hoild it it clicks a LOT

  13. Isn't that sound when he's calculating the sound used for L when he's talking on death note?

  14. So, what happened to his follow-up vids to this?

  15. "Grandmas were obviously put on earth to work" stalin would be proud 😂😂😂

  16. I had been playing cookie clicker since 2018 god it’s so addicting

  17. There is a special name you can use called "simonsaysopensesame" it gives you cheats

  18. I listen to your videos at night to help me go to sleep because you are much quieter than the other people on this platform

  19. on cookie clicker i got 1 quadrillion, and my friend got to 310 quadrillion

  20. I grinded and I was getting 20 mil a second but it deleted my progress

  21. I remember playing this game as a kid. I use to take my mom's vibrating cheek massager to make an auto-clickers. Never understood why she was so upset about it 🤷‍♂️

  22. Cookie clicker is literally drugs since it’s so addicting

  23. when he finallylearns about "opensesame" he is gonna cry lol

  24. Why did I watch this entire video……. why did I like and subscribe?

  25. If you didn't know, it's on Steam now, you should do another video. :O!

  26. well actually the game isnt supposed to played when you know how to use inspect.

  27. this man really making a video of cookie clicker 8 years late

  28. me playing cookie clicker for count less hour's bruh

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