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I Played Idle Games to Discover the Meaning of Life

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Clean your damn room, then die

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  1. I have played cookie clicker for 1 day. (not non-stop.)

  2. I think bro thought to much about life and forgot to add the rest of the video

  3. If the meaning of life is what you seek then I don’t know. I haven’t. Found. It.

  4. after tramatising your boss and all your views

  5. So lthat is meaning of life…
    Im gonna jump from a cliff and do a 360 before i die

  6. Wait at 0:50 there is that mushroom bloop and it looks like its from a game I used to play when I was younger it was a facebook game and im 100% it had that creature in the game , I forgot the name of the game and I am trying to find it for nostolgia purposes , who made this angry potato game? i cant find anything about it

  7. i need to know what that song is you use to hype up things then pause it because it wasn't actually as hype as you made it seem please

  8. 8:27 "we have so many things to discover. children" dragoon says while also being on Lvl 69

  9. You have iFunny meme humor in the absolute worst way possible

  10. I like how the video just cuts off unexpectedly

  11. i think im going through an existencial crisis now…

  12. Dragoon: There are more nipples than people on the world,
    Me: 😀
    Also me: :O

  13. but meaning of life is in idle game 1

  14. Like what the fuck is that catgirl doing in an idle clicker

  15. I saw a video title "I played idle games to discover the meaning of life" and decided "yeah I'm gonna watch that!"

  16. whats this game called I want to play this

  17. Why did they have to make catra_(clicker_heroes) (7) look like that bro?

  18. Ligit i played this in school it’s addicting

  19. As a Taurus that horoscope reading was spot on

  20. What were the owners thinking adding a hot girl in bobs in a kid game

  21. Somebody say what does the game is called?

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