I Played Clicker Simulator With NO ROBUX ALLOWED... *SHOCKING* (Roblox) - androidgamestore.net

I Played Clicker Simulator With NO ROBUX ALLOWED… *SHOCKING* (Roblox)

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I Played Clicker Simulator With NO ROBUX ALLOWED… *SHOCKING* (Roblox)

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  1. It took me a week to get to the time wolrd

  2. When you spend unlimited Reba didn't you said you're not gonna spend

  3. This should be a series like noob to pro feel like that would pull some veiws

  4. i took 1 month to get to time area no one gave me a thing

  5. Lol I'm in the 325m and just saw this video, u got me back into Roblox man, I have gotten very far

  6. Its funny that this is made like a few months ago (20m egg)

  7. I am actually a master pro at the game

  8. I am trying to finish the time world

  9. Maybe do begging now on the next challenges 😛😛😛

  10. I play with Roblox just trade everyone in the server and then get off if someone excepts tread your best pads if they get you something good then you’re off if they click a lot get better pets in trade the exact same person with a good pet and they might give something to you

  11. Bro you could’ve bought the 20m egg it only cost 20 million clicks

  12. A trick is get 50 eggs opened then you unlock trade

  13. im 5 months late but im in the last ocean area and my best pet is 290SP, i also have 4TD rebirths

  14. I know this vid is 5 months old but if you play a simulator there are chances that someone trades you a really good pet

  15. 1 tip if you still need play
    Go into servers and ask for a good pet

  16. When I saw there was zero roebucks I just bagged I had roebucks but I didn’t want to spend it on this game so I just big and I got a really good

  17. Now I've got oc pets and I haven't spent a single thing and my tip is just rebirth for so long and hatch eggs and get a secrets

  18. I just grind and then say you’re new to the game because you are and people are usually super nice and give you good pets and then I just added up to an OC

  19. And once I get a team with at least Qi And just AFK your best egg and then you just move on

  20. you must AFK for like 20 min to 1 hour that is what I did and I am super good but not as good as you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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