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I Made a Space Clicker Game in Unity

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I decided to create a 3D space clicker game in unity. Right now the game is very basic, but I plan on implementing things such as a skill system, unlocking planets, spaceships that automatically collect resources from planets and even maybe achievements.

♫ Music ♫
AdhesiveWombat – Night Shade ()
Context Sensitive – Moon Base ()

► Chapters ◄
0:00 – Intro
0:06 – Game idea
0:27 – Making the solar system
0:46 – Implementing clicker game mechanics
1:10 – Modeling planets
1:52 – UI
2:47 – Making the game more complex
4:03 – Physics
4:33 – Outro


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  2. Wow you only started your channel
    So good game!

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