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I Made $69,420,696,420 Mining Ore in Idle Miner

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Today I start my journey in the coal mine in Idle Miner Tycoon. I will hire dozens of idiots to help me with my operation, and I won’t pay them for it. They will mine deeper and deeper until I am making trillions of dollars. And that’s just the first mine. There are many more but they cost an obscene amount of money and I don’t even know how to say the cost…



  2. if u skip days on your cellphone u will gain money faster, like in the settings

  3. I have this game I had this game ur playing for over 1.5 years

  4. Please leave this kind of content to dangerously funny

  5. I dont' understant nothing because im spanish

  6. i mean u mid youtuber but i love this game

  7. I'd love this app but gave spead some real money remove ads .

  8. ive been playing this game for 5 years… you should see my mine

  9. I have 10 dollars in cash
    Thats what we need for a new shaft
    We need to do it fast
    Because someone want to sucks my ball in the past

  10. man i need more views than you. im at AS and ur just a beginner

  11. You only clicked because you played it as a kid 😂

  12. I played this game a few years ago, I was addicted.

  13. Por favor pongan traductor para entenderos mejor ya que

  14. Este juego genera mas adicción q las drogas mismas 😂 xD.

  15. I played this and i got to the last worker

  16. People that played the fame when they were a kid

  17. I love vitamins iconic awesome very very 👌

  18. vitamin you should make 100,000,000trillion

  19. i got to ???aa last time aa = 1 quadrillion

  20. the handoffs in this game are neat !

    sue to turner and sue to Ut to zi. so powerful!

  21. My man’s content is dryer than the Sahara desert

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