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I Made 3,488,566,729,453,999,124 Candies No One Wanted

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I’m honestly shocked at how fast I broke this game.
Either these idle clicker games are getting easier or I’m getting way too good at them. Either way it sure is satisfying watching number go up.

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Game: Candy Clicker 2

Music: (Vexento)


  1. for a second there i saw a cookie instead of a candy

  2. He wasn’t lying about getting 3,488,566,729,453,999,124 candies bc he got more then that. 😄

  3. man I remember when you played cookie clicker I'm actually im playing rn iv have been going for 401 ril days lol love your vids thanks bye

  4. I love how we could hear you go from realy energetic because of the coffe then we heard you crash

  5. In the play store I can't find it i put candy clicker 2 it only shows candy clicker

  6. dose anyone know what this link is?
    i wanna try it out

  7. This game is so easy I got 150 sextillion in 30 mins

  8. Ha we play candy clicker at school on the iPads they give us

  9. i love how whenever df gets high on coffe he goes mental, its importatnt not to get too many coffees though. occasional coffees are okay most of the time.


  11. Once you see him playing a game with his PC You know that you can't play the game by Play Store and you have to use Steam

  12. What is the name of that game I really want it

  13. It’s a Expensive copy of cookie clicker

  14. After you get your first rebirth in this game it gets very easy to get a bunch of candy and rebirth again. The more rebirths the easier it gets.

  15. where did you get the game please tell me i want to play it

  16. I bet the game too many times would a auto Clicker

  17. Imagine having this much candy to give to children at halloween 🍬

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