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I Made 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Donuts No One Asked For

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I made nonillions of delicious donuts for nothing.
More than nonillions in fact, I made donuts in quantities I can’t even fathom. Each one of them more delicious than the last.

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Game: Donut Clicker

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  1. Stare into the hole and watch it shake.
    Not something I expected to hear, but also not surprising either.

  2. Just Click Back & Relax Its DF Time.

  3. little does everyone know DF has a hundred computers playing all the games he said he will keep running to check back in a couple years

  4. these clicker games are your worst content

  5. Anyone notice toward the end of the vid dangerouslyfunny voice starts to die

  6. I've been struggling my major depressive disorder for the past six years. DF's content has helped so much in taking me out of the dark moments. Thank you so much, finding you has really helped so much, and I bet you probably get a lot of these kids of messages but it doesn't take away from my personal sincerity about this! <3

  7. Ever wonder where the donuts go when he spends them? I eat them. 😂

  8. Anyone who wants to play this don't do the normal rebirth just use 250 gems which you gain so many its stupid not to.

  9. I don’t know if he bought the green gummy bear again but it’s starting to frustrate me a lot.

  10. “stare into the hole and watch it shake” – DF 2023

  11. Watch and listen to this video very carefully. It is a template for how to not make a video. It is both grating and boring. It generated no desire to connect with the content.

  12. Thanks for putting out content every day, been watching every video every day for the last years

  13. So that's why grandma never came back

  14. 8 hundred 47 quadrillion, 4 hundred 20 trillion, 6 hundred 96 billion, 3 hundred 21 million, 8 hundred 98 thousand, 3 hundred 56?!
    now that's a LOT of donuts

  15. Honestly I hate it when games use the AA and BB etc. numbering system, there are already words for those numbers

  16. How are any of these auto click games different?

  17. DF, like 199% sure you could of got alot more by focusing alot more on idle income because those cookies are based off of ideal earnings like the instant cash

  18. DF is still the only channel that is entertaining enough to keep my attention for 13 minutes on a jpg of a donut with sprinkles

    Someone help me

  19. I buy grandmas for 100 i am being ripped off

  20. Just so you know DF nonillion is 31 zeros. Being a nerd who knows numbers vid fun!

  21. $10? You’re paying way too much for grandmas, who’s your grandma guy? I’ll introduce you to mine

  22. I think you missed just a few hundred more zeros on the number in the title. 🗿

  23. Stare at the center of the donut for 25 seconds, and then blink, while looking at the wall the lights have to be off you should see a donut

  24. Your description say 1 Nonillion but the title is say 1 Quintillion

  25. Ah man these click upgrade games; we're click drunk. The upgrades don't even have identity, they are all just "and the next thing"

  26. Ok but we all promise we aren’t going to start inventing super and hyper prestige to go through a clickception number of zz things. And were definitely not going to dedicate a network of quantum super computer to complete that same task automatically zz number of times and for sure are not going to stream that.

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