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I Generated 1 BILLION Volts and THIS Happened

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They told me to push a button, just not THAT button. So anyway I pushed THAT button.

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Generate voltage while uncovering the mysteries of a power plant in this story-based clicker game
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  1. This should really have at least the name of the game, if not a link

  2. 12:37 the shape of the buttons when he unlocked 4 buttons to press 💀

  3. Could anyone tell me what's the name of the game

  4. Volts are (very simplified) basically like pressure. If the water was the electricity, then a lot of volts would mean high-pressure water. This game made me so mad cause it makes no sense to generate "pressure"😂😂

  5. About the AI forget Thing. AIs work with generating Tokens and for each request, they generate it with premade instructions. Example: ChatGPT. For every message he writes, he checks the last 200 or so Tokens (1 message is between 20 and 50 Tokens) and the OpenAI Guidelines. And if your instructions is outside of the Memory, the 200 Tokens, he won't use it. Also every request message ends if an end Token gets generated, so you can theortically let him generate infinitely by banning the end Token.

    This is basically everything I learned about how AIs work while setting up one using SillyTavern. I apologise for incorrect statements.

  6. hen i watched this i lost it when realised you not figurering out that you can turn on ultra volt production

  7. A clicking game WITH LORE?! ITS A THING?

  8. Gota love when people play these games but don't even give you a name like hey no one will want to play this game so why should I even tell him the name

  9. Dangerously funny but less unhinged be like

  10. This game got wrong the power units, power should be in watts not volts

  11. You made so much fuel and percent of fuel and you made 3.75m

  12. I am not amused with the 420 joke either -_- this thing makes me worry about the future of humanity

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