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I ended my FULL year cookie clicker game 😭

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I used dev tools but im just making fun of people who pretend its real


1. change name to “fish saysopensesame”
2. have fun


  1. Bro you hacked that is nothing then you can hack it back XD

  2. when I used dev tools and had inf cookies and when I ascended I couldnt buy nothing it didint show me my cookies it said inf

  3. Set your shop name (on the game) saysopensesame and you can hack now

    Edit : i mean dev tools

  4. Are we not gonna talk about how he didn't pop his Wrinklers before ascending?

  5. theres a another dev tool name (Medieval saysopensesame)

  6. Let's bet honest, we all saw the dev tools menu 💀

  7. you used devtools.

    why not try to get that much without devtools?

    i got 1 quinndecillion cookies without devtools.

    you just ruined the fun.

  8. L̷i̷t̷t̷l̷e̷s̷n̷a̷i̷l̷9̷9̷7̷7̷ says:

    He had dev tools tho. 💀

  9. To be honest we saw you had dev tools 💀💀💀💀💀

  10. That's impossible if your make 45.5×345 = 16607.5 , and plus you have dev tools

  11. Let's pretend we didn't see the dev tools 💀

  12. My first game on scratch was when I was learning how to use scratch, so a teacher on zoom teached me how to use scratch, it was like a dodging game

  13. so fake 💀💀 theres literally dev tools in the corner

  14. First of all you already had dev tools and why would you end your run you already seem to have all the prestige upgrades :/

  15. you have dev tools were not dumb im disliking this

  16. Yep, and even if he did not show the dev tool it would be obvious that he cheated.

  17. Isn't it crazy that he only made 328 nonillion cookies per second but he was still able to get 293 trigintrillion cookies.

  18. fish saysopensaysame is a cheat when you do it look top left you see a green thing its a dev thing have fun with it

  19. crusty saysopensesame is hack fill in in your name

  20. sugar lumps joined the chat
    dev tools joined the chat
    wrinkler popping left the chat

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