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I Clicked 100,000,000 times in this Idle Game

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Click, click, click click click click click click click click CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLACK

Game is called Realm Grinder:
2nd channel:

Fast Piano:

Epic Battle:
Solo Cello:
Synth Horror:

God shattering star:

16 bit:
8-bit cool:
300 Violins:
Hooky with Sloane:

Ending music:
Music provided by HearWeGo ()
Artist: Victoriya
Title: Two Years
Listen on YouTube:

• Victoriya – Two Y…

Song: Tunetank – Planet Zero (No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Tunetank.
Free Download:
Video Link:

Song: Tunetank – Forgotten Land (No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Tunetank.
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Song: Tunetank – Not Your Hero (No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Tunetank.
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  1. 日本人の皆さん、Google 翻訳を使うのはちょっと待ってください。

  2. Your goal should be Reincarnation 100 (R100) it’s pretty easy, I’m Reincarnation 1 27

  3. Cookie clicker took over my life for like a week

  4. Holy fuck he actually just gave the fuck up?

  5. “If I’m going to be racist I am going to choose the winning side”-Dragoon 2023

  6. Dragoon just loves to make himself suffer especially in idle/clicker games

  7. Dragoon, if you haven’t already tried it out you may enjoy soda dungeon. I think it’s a neat game

  8. "But if I'm gonna be rac1st im gonna join the winning side" – Dragoon 2023

  9. This is my third video i see from you and you are already my favorite YouTuber

  10. I'm way ahead of you on the samurai jack thing. Loved that show as a kid

  11. Oh hey, I didn’t realize the cookie clicker video came out on my birthday

  12. There no such thing as sarcasm in dragoons channel

  13. Grandma's are turning into deacons and 8s haunting out good friend dragoon with ptsd
    But I'm sure that's FINE

  14. "Eventually, the f̵̨́̆̈́̔U̵̡̻̠̺͔͚̣̺̞͙̻̻̾̽̒́̂̈́͌̀̓́͋̐́͂̓͝͠N̶͓͋͌͌̈́̓̄̀̽̔̄̽͂͋͆̀͐̕͘ must end."

    Truly wise words. Yes, indeed the f̵̨́̆̈́̔U̵̡̻̠̺͔͚̣̺̞͙̻̻̾̽̒́̂̈́͌̀̓́͋̐́͂̓͝͠N̶͓͋͌͌̈́̓̄̀̽̔̄̽͂͋͆̀͐̕͘ must end at some point.

  15. Its cockie clicker 2 so the person who made this game is orteil

  16. 3:18 i did not expect to hear sabaton in a Dragoon video.

    But im not complaining.

  17. As a fellow Australian, swearing is part of our culture

    Fuck off everyone else

  18. man i love how the Cookie clicker sequel was developed by a different developer, published by a different publisher, isn't named anything close to Cookie Clicker and doesn't have any relation to Cookie Clicker, what a brave move from Orteil

  19. Just watched this and “for the grace for the might of our lord for the home of the holy” god I love sabaton

  20. Ah a fellow sabaton enjoyer. god speed

  21. DRAGOON IS CANONICALLY HUMAN??????!?!?!??!???!!!!!????!?!?!

  22. “You are not Morgan Ellis, go straight to hell” 😂😂

  23. The perfect video doesn’t ex…💀

  24. Morgan already beat this game 627836 years ago and made the door that sends you to hell

  25. I’m very scared to see how many hours dragoon has in each of his games

  26. I didn’t watch samurai jack where is the symbolism of child abuse

  27. Oh no the grandmas are digging tunnels now-

  28. honestly dissappointed in the lack of realm grinder fans in the comments

  29. after watching this video i genuinely wonder if your ok mane i get theres alot of satire and comedy but damn sometimes you seem like you arent acting i hope these types of games arent actually fucking up your mental if they are feel free to take a break or play other games 😁👍

  30. Great vid love the part where you showed Ronald Regan r34

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