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I clicked 1 billion times and this happened

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It’s Cookie Clicker.

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  1. It's a shame that Gray didn't managed to get demonic grandma's

  2. My production of cookies is purly child labor

  3. Holly crap!!! Something other than gta!!!! ABOUT TIME!!! DAMN

  4. There is a hack where if you go to your name and put Isaysopensesame no spaces something will happen. (not lying)

  5. 0:51 One of the achievements is called "fast" because orteil gave up.

  6. Just make your name "i saysopensesame" then boom you get anything you want with a menu

  7. There's a cheat where if you name yourself _____saysopensesame, you will unlock the dev menu which lets you x10 your cookies

  8. If gray and josh collab it be the end of the universe

  9. oh Grey, the grandmothers are very OP in late game! you should get as many as possible!!!!

    12:46 Grandma isnt messign around Grey! there is a reason why Grandmother becomes OP in the late game!!!

  10. fun fact ive been playing this game since 2023, and I have a friend who has been playing since 2020

  11. I've been grinding on cookie clicker for two months and I get 101 billion cookies per second.

  12. Name ur cookie bakery “opensesame “

  13. Ik wist niet dat je nederlands kan ik be nederlands

  14. His name is now graystillbake’s 😂😂🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

  15. "Hears diabetus right off the bat"
    God i miss that word from grey

  16. Well im trying to lose weight from obesity so thsts goid

  17. As a d diabetic most cookies are already harmful to me so… wdym they healthy

  18. For hacks, if you make the name of the bakery gray says open sesame, you will get pretty much everything, I tried it, it is crazy

  19. I will do 1 push-up 4 every comment this comment gets

  20. I'd so love to see more of this, the game is so, Gray

  21. um put "someonesaysopensesame" in ur name and you get admin powers

  22. Gray hasn’t even scratched the surface of this game

  23. 19 minutes video for something that can be done in 5 minutes

    Would have thought with you being you

    You would have just exploted the game with the date trick

    Dose the game give cookies and stuff while off line ie game close most of these clicker game do so

    If so movie the date forward a day or a week and you gain the money you just keep doing that

    So for instance your getting say for talking sake just to make it easy 1 million a hour a full day would be 24 million

    Upgrade with that 24 million now your make 10 million a hour takes to seconds

    All so most off these games are infinitely I tryed to brake lots and they just keep adding letters

    Like 1ab 1ac 1zzzz 1azbca there is no end to them

  24. If you didn’t know, if you change your cookie name to Medivalsaysopensesame you will get Adimin controls

  25. I’m eating a cookie while watching this 🍪

  26. Gray is only in the starting stages of this game. A toe dip into something much deeper.

  27. as someone who has an enourmous sweet tooth, i approve of this and would probably get diabetes in 5 seconds.

  28. Not the final fantasy music🤣🤣🤣

  29. How to increase your blood significantly…..WATCH THIS VIDEO!

  30. I produce a lot of Cookies on Cookie Clicker I think somewheres in the millions and billions

  31. Random fact about cookie clicker! You CAN REACH INFINITE! It takes an arch age and a half however

  32. I got one million cookies without pressing the cookie

  33. Your not even close to being done with this game

  34. When i started the video it was on Swedish so it sounded so cursed😂

  35. Hey gray big fan I joined and the ai music was peak my dude!!

  36. you can set your bakery name to esaysopensesame for a dev tool menu

  37. i found an infinite cookie glitch, so you type "____________saysopensesame" and there will be something on the top left. when you click it, click "x1k" and your cookies will multiply and you will get a shadow achievement

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