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Hey guys welcome back in a new video
So in today’s video we’re playing Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker is an idle game where you can build your own planet the way you like! and if you like it then thumps up

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Game Download :- Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker

Available on Google Play Store And App Store For iOS And OS
Game Information :- Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker is an idle game where you can build your own planet the way you like! It is an easy-to-learn, simple, and relaxing idle game in which you can decorate and build your own unique planets in different areas of the universe with beautiful objects. Perfect for escaping the stressful everyday life for a few minutes or even for a longer time! However, if you want to do more than just relax, this game lets you expand your strategic thinking and use tactics and flair to compete against other players who also want to get to the top of the real-time leaderboard. By simply tapping on the planet, you’ll collect valuable coins and, bit by bit, increase the attraction to exciting objects flying around in space. If you’re really clever, you’ll use multiple fingers to collect coins even more effectively to get the resources you need to build the planet as quickly as possible. There are many exciting upgrades, special boosters, and a unique prestige system to speed up your progress immeasurably and help you explore all areas of the universe
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  5. Bhai mare request accept karlo roblox mai bhai ap ko 3 month se bol raha hu bhai big fan
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  6. Earth banne me siraf 3 din aur 3 raatey lagi hai 4.5B years nahi

  7. Please mera bhe user mader9832 actual ma main murder likh raha tha but galti se ye likha gaya sorry for this name

  8. 1.83decillion=1830000000000000000000000000000000 rupee or game currency

  9. Ase hua tha 😆🤣 aise hota to sharo or burger hi burger hota 😆😆 bina paise ke

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  16. Solar system ko 4.5 billion years to make
    Big bang happen 14 billion years ago
    A asteroid smash to earth and created moon
    First planet is jupiter
    Milky way and andromeda colab after 2 billion years
    Milky way have 400 billion + stars
    Andromeda 1 trillion+ stars

  17. Bro how moon from i know a plant destroy earth and become moon

  18. How did it possible i played 4 days and I have only 6 billion is me tu prestige kar saita hai

  19. Planet evolution mein code number batao

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