Human Evolution Clicker Game Rise of Mankind - Gameplay [iOS] -

Human Evolution Clicker Game Rise of Mankind – Gameplay [iOS]

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Human Evolution Clicker Game – Gameplay [iOS]

Human Evolution Clicker Game by Mikhail Petrushkov
For all, who love DNA mixing games, we’ve brought a new app – Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind!
Welcome to the evolution party! With this stage evolution simulation, you can pass through all creatures from virus to the post-human, look upon the world evolution and have fun!
Evolve and upgrade creatures – merge animals to get the new breed! Take two same beasts or protozoan, play with their genetics and enjoy the result! Buy crystals to make your evolution faster!
Unlike other monster evolution clicker games, your game ends when you get cyborgs and sentient robots, but you can stop earlier if you dislike the human evolution, but prefer crocodile evolution, dog evolution, birds evolution or even giraffe evolution!
The evolution world is waiting – start the evolution fun right now! Enjoy our super evolution game – the great gift for all merge games and combination games lovers!

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