HTML & JS - How to make an incremental/clicker game - #7 Numbers on click -

HTML & JS – How to make an incremental/clicker game – #7 Numbers on click

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In this tutorial I go over how to create numbers whenever the user clicks on the clicker and have those numbers slowly rise and fade out.

We go over how to do a simple animation, this tutorial is expecting you have followed the other 6 tutorials and have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JS.

Watch Part 6:


  1. hi! just wanted to say thank you SO much for taking the time to make these videos. I barely found them today and I saw that you've been doing videos following this project for 3 years! This is helping me so much in an introductory class in uni for CS. Not sure if you're still taking requests, but I was wondering if you've come across any helpful tutorials with changing the color of an image. For example, let's say you have and image of a black square and if the player buys blue paint they can then color the rectangle blue. Is there a way to swap images to represent that?

  2. 13:19 rickrollIf you are continuing series i suggest to show prestige tutorial

  3. Sorry for the long gap in between videos. I remember trying to implement this feature when I first started and couldn't find a single guide on how to do so (still can't find any), so I decided once I figured it out I would share it with all of you. However, currently I am not planning on doing any more tutorials on how to make an incremental game (this can change if others want more).

    I recorded myself coding then I did the voiceover for this video and I really didn't like the results so if you did not like the style of this video don't worry.

    In the meantime, what tutorials are you guys interested in?

    Edit: If you have any errors regarding event not being defined make sure your onclick event for your clicker is equal to this code (first line):
    document.getElementById("clicker").addEventListener("click", function(event) {

  4. Oh my god I waited so so long for this!

    Hey so I recently made my own project using your tutorials and added new stuff!
    My comment got deleted because I sent a link to my project 🙁
    I wanted to ask the following: Everytime I click on the Button it grabs the image sometimes. Could you maybe tell me why?
    (I would send you the link to my game, if you would ask me too) 😀

  5. when i buy a cursor, the counter for how much i have only goes up when i click it

  6. Ideas:
    Make bigger numbers appear like this: 1000 -> 1k
    time limited bonuses like 2x click for 30s
    darken buildings when you cant affort them
    make the things you buy appear(something similiar to cookie clicker)
    add sounds to game
    make settings
    make stats

  7. Can you make a tutorial so when you buy a cursor the tositios has a cursor around it. And when you buy a building there is a section that places a building like in cookie clicker. also do this for all buildings. and the achivements don't fade out like they do in the real game.

  8. I would really like to see more, but I also gladly enjoyed this series! Thank you very much 🙂

  9. Just finished thank you very much for this tutorial. you are a saint

  10. First, congratulations on this tutorials. I never saw a tutorial so detailed, from the very beginning to tge end. I am learning JavaScript and i learnwd a lot building it together with you! Thank very much for this!

    And i would love to see more vanilla JS tutorials, like simple games (endless running, endless jumping, etc) and even widgets like tawk chat, feedback window, an so son…

    I'm from Brazil and subscribed!

  11. does anybody know how to make the clickable image play a sound when you click it?

  12. Hey could you send me the entire code so I can edit? I keep trying to put it in but it wont work :/

  13. Hey, I know this is late, but maybe a rebirth tutorial?

  14. Hey! Could you please upload the source code of that? Thanks

  15. Thank you very much for these tutorials! I caused myself a few headaches at times, but all of the problems I ran into were of my own making. This series was very much appreciated as I dabble in creating an idle game themed around a series that I've always wanted an idle spinoff of 😛

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