How To Make The PERFECT Clicker Game | Scratch Tutorial (Part 1) -

How To Make The PERFECT Clicker Game | Scratch Tutorial (Part 1)

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Welcome to our Scratch tutorial where we’ll show you how to create the PERFECT clicker game! 🎮🖱️ If you’ve ever wanted to craft an addictive and engaging game that keeps players clicking for more, then you’re in the right place!

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🎬 In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of building your very own clicker game using Scratch’s user-friendly interface. From the first click to exponential growth, we’ll cover all the essential elements that make a clicker game exciting and enjoyable.

🔧 Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned coder, our detailed instructions will make the game development process a breeze. Get ready to watch your clicker game come to life with every line of code!

🌟 Whether you’re dreaming of a simple cookie clicker or a complex space-themed clicker adventure, this tutorial will equip you with the tools to make your perfect clicker game a reality!

🎓 So, are you ready to create a game that players won’t be able to put down? Hit that play button now and embark on the journey of making the PERFECT clicker game. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell to stay updated with our latest tutorials.

Get your clicking fingers ready and let’s dive into the world of addictive clicker games in Scratch! Happy coding and happy clicking! 🎮🖱️

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  1. Tysm when i made it I expected it not to work but it dose

  2. the cookies spewing out won't work for me i have it identical to yours but it won't work

  3. ty, everything is perfect, im sooo glad for your short vid, tyyy

  4. block count: 54 blocks. omg bro can code fast like 54 blocks in 3 minutes

  5. how do you make it count so you can see how many cookies were clicked

  6. Why does my sprite go up infinitely?

  7. thank you for the extra help i really needed this to make my game a bit better i love Ur content and it makes my games look really good but Ur the better one than me cuz i didn't know most of the cloning stuff. thank u again😁

  8. my cookie keeps going upwards because of the timer 🙁 PLS HELP

  9. My clones of cookies when you click it are going sideways?

  10. i had to pause this so many times but 3 hours later i created my game void clicker

  11. I thought i did something wrong on the cookies fall out of the cookies turns out i did do something wrong i made it for all sprites instead of only this sprite, also thanks for the help

  12. This tutorial is amazing!
    Remember me when your famous!

  13. Y O O O, I L O V E T H I S, but i'm making a clicker game

  14. My name is 1 character over YouTube's limit, cool says:

    /sɪːn/ 💀💀💀

  15. This is an awesome tutorial!!! Remember me when you go popular!

  16. Wow, amazing stuff! Glad you're getting more popular!!

  17. you need to fix the size changing from set size to "change size by" it makes it much smoother and less likely to give someone a headache

  18. U R SO UNDERRATED!! I can tell ur gonna go viral in a couple weeks/months 🙂

  19. Hey when i made the cookies drop they instead they fell to the left sorry to bother and i looked at all to see if anything was wrong.

  20. if i knew the animation code i would never animate it on sprites :/

  21. thank you, this is so good. i will finally have a good scratch project (even knowin nobody is gonna see it

  22. i made this in old scratch but theres no clone block😭

  23. Thank you for help
    Your game it's so cool

  24. fast paced right to the point and a good tutorial overall a great video

  25. This is really good tutorial might donate money 💰

  26. How do you make the animation mobile friendly?

  27. I have one question why does my cookie change into a particle of doesn’t give effects? Plz help

  28. Hey I have a lil problem, I already followed your code block by block and when I click the cookie the clones glitch out. Like when I click it it falls in a certain direction but then I click it again and another one spawns in that same direction then both of them just slide to the other side, and this process continuously repeats.

  29. I’m using scratchy for the thing you click 💀

  30. if you are having issues when the sprite is clicked and it barely moves do this change the number 2 in set size to 560- size / 2 to set size 560 – size / 5 or 6

  31. why are the clones going to the right someone help me

  32. I’m experiencing some issues, every time I click, it makes a clone and when I try to make another clone, the other clone bounces when I click the cookie, I need help

  33. I have a problem where whenever I click the cookie, it creates a clone, then, when I click the cookie again, the clones sort of go up a little bit, and they don’t fall all the way to the bottom unless you let go of the cookie

  34. This is like a 2 month old video how do you get to like every comment tell me your secrets

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