How to Make an Idle/Clicker Game Using Unity Bolt! (Part 1) - BASICS -

How to Make an Idle/Clicker Game Using Unity Bolt! (Part 1) – BASICS

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Hello! In this video, I am going to be starting a miniature series with Unity Bolt! We will be making a basic idle/clicker game just for fun. Please know that this is for educational purposes only and I highly suggest not to try to make a full game with Unity Bolt. I explain in the video. Anyways enjoy!

What is Unity Bolt?
– Unity Bolt is a visual scripting plug in that works similarly to C# but in a more visual friendly way!
– Unity Bolt is a great way for beginners to learn how code structure works!
– Unity Bolt is an external package that Unity provided us in the Asset Store for free! Anyone can use it =) Download below!
– Unity Bolt can be easy for some people to learn, however it does have a learning curve just like programming in general!
– Requires some problem solving! Get your problem solving brains out 😀

Unity Bolt:

After this video you will have a good understanding on code structure will work, since that’s how visual scripting works! You will also learn how to make a button click to add coins, and properly display your currencies using Unity Bolt!

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  1. So as a COMPLETE beginner. Who does eventually want to be serious in indie development. Should I go with the old C# tutorial oorr this one?

  2. I’m going to test some blocks and see if they work how I thought

  3. Drinking game, every time "mkay/okay/kay" are said you take a shot.

  4. Thanks so much for this tutorial! Just a question–you say to not make a full game in Bolt, but then go on to say that Bolt is just C# but in visual form. As an artist who has never learned code and would highly prefer to use visual scripting for a potential indie dev career, would you say that coding is absolutely necessary for an indie game dev to learn? Yes, it's faster, but is it fast enough to the point that it's worth spending a few years learning code when visual scripting does basically the same thing? In what ways is it a "healthier practice?" I was just hoping you could elaborate a bit on that. Sorry for the dumb beginner question.

  5. i love how you make tutorial on bolt and started the video with "bolt is bad dont use it" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  6. Dude, why caant i drag in or find text in text.text? plz

  7. Me, being a complete unity beginner and not even knowing how to add the single color background, "ah yes, time to make a game."

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