How To Make a RACE CLICKER Game On Roblox - Part 8 -

How To Make a RACE CLICKER Game On Roblox – Part 8

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In this video I will show you how to make a Race Clicker game on Roblox!

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How To Make a RACE CLICKER Game On Roblox – Part 8

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  1. amazing best video! pls show us how to do the pet parts pls thanks your sooooo awsome!!!!

  2. Thank you so much! I've been loving the series! can't wait for part 9!

    Also if you want the text to display 1 instead of 9 you first have to change the text label to 1 instead of 9 then in the script right after "..currentSpeed.Value" you want to add " – 8"

  3. Hey, can you make in next part That so when the round ends, and there is click time for another one color of the bricks is changing?

  4. When is the next episode I love this series!
    Edit: Next Episode are some episode can you make the bar that shows where the players are in the race and can you make pets! Thanks

  5. Can we appreciate how much time he spends on his videos

  6. pls do in the next part how to make that height gui with the levels plss

  7. Does anyone Know how to fix this : (Below)
    Amazing Vid, Can you make one instead of it being a number its a gear?

  8. in the next part tell us how to do gamepasses


  10. my gates spawn out of the map how do i fix this ?

  11. My walkspeed wont go up?
    the tempvalue goes up but not walkspeed

  12. i got 1 problem when the game starts and i got speed 10 and i started clicking i got 55 but when the rounds ends i got 10 but when i start clicking it wents the 55 from the previous round

  13. Yes, it works, but when I leave, my current speed is not saved

  14. looking forward to part 9! great job, it feels as if i learn so much from listening to you! 😀

  15. ideas for future videos in this tutorials.

    -a surface gui on the barrier either to replace the timer gui or as an extra "addon"
    -Ive been tryin to mess around with the color of the raceSection runway, wont really get it to work. for instance its red first 1000 studs then green next 1000 and so on.
    -pets that gives bonuses and saves at log off.
    purchase buttons to increase speed etc
    -progressbar that shows how long a player has come.

    anyway. im pretty sure you have thought of all this already, just trying to throw some ideas out there! thanks again

  16. Make you make a video on how to make a game like rise of nations pls

  17. All right! Thanks DevBlox 🙂 Very interesting videos 💯👍🤘

  18. How could I make the length bar? Like the bar they have in other race clicker games where it shows player heads.

  19. How do I make sure that only players who run on a treadmill have respawn?
    I want to make sure that the players who were on the territory of the map do not respawn.

  20. yoooo upload part 9 please. these are helping me out a lot so thank you. really need to know what you have to offer in part 9

  21. can yall spot the error, the tools are showing up as errors

    local player = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer

    local character = player.Character

    if not character or not character.Parent then

    character = player.CharacterAdded:Wait()


    local replicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")

    local values = replicatedStorage:WaitForChild("values")

    local canClick = values:WaitForChild("canClick")

    local timeToClick = replicatedStorage:WaitForChild("timeToClick")

    local humanoid = character:WaitForChild("Humanoid")

    if canClick.Value == true then


    local character


    character = Tool.Parent




    if available == true then


    local character


    character = Tool.Parent


    elseif available == false then




  22. Help when I'm in studio the current speed text label shows up and lets me click, but when i actually join the game on roblox it doesnt let me click and the current speed text label doesnt show up

  23. How do you make the ui I need a good tip on how to be better at scripting

  24. bro everytime i add parts the parts fall down i cant make a game like this:(

  25. i have a problem,i did everything correct,no nothing..the speed of the character wont change,but the label in the left corner works just fine

  26. Are you going to make a part 9???? Please do so, I really want to finish this game.

  27. I would suggest you press "Insert" if you want to change that white box into normal.

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